Eihei-ji Temple


5-15 Shihi
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Open Hours
1-4: Mon-Sun: - 05:30-16:30 5-10: Mon-Sun: - 04:00-17:00 11-12: Mon-Sun: - 05:30-16:30
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Situated on a slope in the mountains just outside Fukui City, this is one of two main temples of the Soto school of Zen Buddhism. It was founded in 1244 by Eihei Dogen, the Buddhist scholar who brought Soto Zen from China to Japan during the 13th century. Dogen's ashes and a memorial to him can be visited in the Founder's Hall. The large temple complex houses over 70 buildings and structures. Translated, its name means "temple of eternal peace." It also serves as a training monastery. Over two hundred monks and nuns live on the precincts.