2-1-1 Yaesu
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1-2: Mon-Sun: - 10:30-19:00 3: Mon-Tue: - 10:30-19:00 Thu-Sun: - 10:30-19:00 4-8: Mon-Sun: - 10:30-19:00 9: Mon-Tue: - 10:30-19:00 Thu-Sun: - 10:30-19:00 10-12: Mon-Sun: - 10:30-19:00

About this sight

Located in Tokyo Station, this information center was established by Kyoto City. Designed to introduce visitors to Japan's old capital, this "little Kyoto" features a Traditional Craft Gallery, Kyoto Goods Store, Information Corner, as well as an Event/Experience Corner. From Fridays to Sundays, visitors can experience a 20-minute long tea ceremony anytime from 12:30 to 4:30 pm for a 500 yen fee. For groups of more than 5 prior reservations are required. Aside from tea ceremonies, Kyotokan also holds other events, seminars, and programs advertising Kyoto.