Kintai Bridge


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Open Hours
1-5: Mon-Sun: - 08:00-17:00 6-8: Mon-Sun: - 08:00-17:00 - 17:00-19:00 9-12: Mon-Sun: - 08:00-17:00
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About this sight

In 1673, the lord of the Iwakuni Domain, Hiroyoshi Kikkawa, built the first version of the Iwakuni Bridge in three months. When it was washed away, the second version that was built lasted for 276 years until it was destroyed by a typhoon in 1950. Following requests from local residents, the Kintai bridge in its current version was rebuilt using the same timber techniques as were used for the old one. To this day, maintenance is performed according to the same traditional methods as those used to build the original bridge.
Opening hours are extended to 6pm during peak tourist season and 7pm during the summer season. The bridge is accessible at any time of day and visitors are to deposit the admission fee into the box at the bridge entrance if the office is closed. In the evening, the bridge is illuminated until 10pm. Please check the website for updates on hours.