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Centrally located in Osaka, the Hep Five Ferris Wheel is a landmark of the Kita area, or north area, and is linked to HEP Five, a shopping complex with an assemble of over 100 trendy fashion and accessories shops catering to the young crowd from the teens to early twenties. In case you were wondering, HEP stands for "Hankyu Entertainment Park".

The 75m diameter Ferris wheel offers a great overview of Osaka on a sunny day, reaching 106m at its highest point when including the height of the building, with a vista of downtown Osaka, the harbour and the surrounding mountains and Mt Ikoma. The ride costs 500 yen for those from primary school age and over and runs from 11am to 11pm daily. You can also play your own tunes with the iPod jack provided in each gondola.

HEP Five sees 17 million visitors annually, and is one of the most popular fashion boutiques in central Osaka. There are also restaurants offering a range of cuisine, an event hall and amusement facilities such as the arcade Joypolis and pachinko. Locals know the front of HEP Five as a standard meeting place that everyone knows.