Iga Kaan Yamamoto


2887-2 Uenouomachi, Iga, Mie Prefecture 518-0865
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+81 (0) 595-21-0915
Open Hours
Tue-Sun: 09:00-19:00
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About this sight

Iga Kaan Yamamoto is the oldest shop in Iga which sells katayaki, a traditional type of senbei (snack) that ninjas were said to carry as an emergency provision whilst on espionage missions. Katayaki is extremely hard, so much so that it often comes with a miniature hammer to make it easier to break into small pieces.

Katayaki's durability, combined with its lightness and nutritional content (ingredients include sugar, wheat flour, yam, sesame, nori, sodium carbonate) made it the perfect emergency snack to carry when being on a long mission.

Katayaki is one of Iga's most popular souvenirs and is sold by several shops in the city and each has their own unique take on the snack and stock flavours including sesame, seaweed, cinnamon and peanut.