Tejikara Shrine


1025 Higashiyubune, Iga-shi, Mie-ken 518-1302
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Built in the late 13th century, Tejikara is an ancient shrine where ninjas, including Fujibayashi Nagato, would pray before battle.

Fujibayashi Nagato, a leader of the Iga ninjas during the 16th century, specialized in fire-based practices and would offer fire when praying. A fireworks festival takes place each year and is popular with people from the surrounding areas.

Unlike most shrines which are built in an area overlooking the surrounding land, Tejikara Shrine is positioned at ground level. Another interesting fact is that it has the heaviest 'Suzu-no-o' in Japan. 'Suzu-no-o', or literally 'Bell's Ropes' are present at shrines across Japan, and are rung by people after making a prayer.