Aekuni Shrine


877 Ichinomiya, Iga, Mie Prefecture 518-0003

About this sight

Over 800 years ago, the Hattori Ninja family (responsible for developing the 'Ninjutsu' method of ninja training) established a festival ('Kurondo Matsuri') at Aekuni shrine, where people would attend in all black 'ninja' attire.

Located in Iga, Mie Prefecture, Aekuni Shrine is the highest ranked in the area. Built in 658, Aekuni Shrine was originally established to worship Oo Hiko no Mikoto and Sukuna Hikona no Mikot then later Kanayama Hime No Mikoto as well.

The shrine features a stone monument with displays an engraved haiku written by Matsuo Basho, a popular poet from the Edo era.