Iwamoto Kiyoshi Shouten


, Kanazawa, Ishikawa
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1-12: Mon: - 10:00-18:30 Wed-Sun: - 10:00-18:30
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About this sight

Founded in 1913, this craft shop specializes in kirikogei, containers made from Paulownia wood. Paulownia seeds, seedlings, and roots are prone to rot and grow best in sterile soil, while the wood is light-weight and hard. The wood is resistant to heat and water and used widely for surfboards and in boat building. Kirikogei is one of Ishikawa Prefecture's 36 traditional items, which includes the three-stringed shamisen, Taiko drums, kinpaku (gold leaf) and wagami (Japanese paper). Kirikogei's signature object is a large, round vessel decorated with ornate floral carvings. In addition, visitors will find items such as serving trays, flower arrangement stands, seats and various types of boxes.