Ci:z Labo Ebisu Head Office


Yubinbango150-0012 , Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Hiroo 1-1-40 Ebisu Prime Square Plaza 1F
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Open Hours
Mon-Sat: 10AM-8PM / Sun: 10AM-7PM
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About this sight

Ci:z Labo is not just about facial care, but also includes medical care. That means that their doctors will base all of their treatments on how to improve your overall health, and not just your skin. If you have any problems or concerns, then just ask the doctors and they will provide professional treatment to help you. This clinic is perfect for those who have really sensitive skin. One of their unique treatments include using radio waves to help relieve sagging skin on the face and create a firmer texture. They offer dermatologist products so make sure to ask about it on your next visit!

Detailed information on their many branches on on their website.

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