Ryukyu Glass Village


169 Fukuji, Itoman, Okinawa 901-0345
+81 098-997-4784
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Open Hours
9AM - 6PM Everyday
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About this sight

This "village" is the largest glass and crafts making factory in all of Okinawa, and there is so much to explore here. Their main workshop that they offer is making ryukyu glass products, which is an Okinawan specialty that you won't find anywhere else. They have tax/duty free shops as well and an online shop that you can browse for more products. If you want to make your own however, check their website to book your own glass-making experience. If you visit their website before you book, you can get their 10-15% off coupon that is good for all the items in their shop. Items you can make range from glass making, photo frames, accessories, gel candles, and painting.

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