Kanesa Katsuobushi


600-1 Tago, Nishiizucho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture 410-3515
0558-53-0016 (Japanese only)
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Open Hours
9am - 5pm Everyday
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About this sight

Ever wondered how the dry tuna flakes on top of your okonomiyaki are made? Kanesa is a shop located near the idyllic Nishi Izu coast that still practices the traditional method of doing so.

Watch as the store's master prepares the fermented bonito tuna before finely slicing it into 'katsuobushi'. If you go and try some, we're sure it'll be the best you've ever had!

This is a Japanese-speaking sight. Information and reservations are provided in English by the Nishi-Izu Nohaku Foundation at: [email protected] . Inquiries are usually handled in around 3 business days.