a.k.a. Atelier Kitchen for Artisan


Hashiba-cho 3-18, Kanazawa, Ishikawa
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Open Hours
1-12: Mon-Sun: - 07:00-09:00 - 17:00-23:00
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About this sight

This creative dining bar serves contemporary Japanese cuisine using local and seasonal ingredients from Ishikawa. Located on the first floor of the newly opened stylish HATCHi Share Hotel, a.k.a. exudes a modern and relaxed atmosphere. Open late, until 11:00pm, a.k.a. is a fun option for a night out as well. The menu offers a good selection of sake, beer, and wine for pairing with shareable small plates. For dinner, choose one of the two-course selections, in which the chefs highlight the season's best. Fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan, local greens, and steamed clay pot rice are just some of the dishes offered. Expect artful plating, thoughtful presentation, and warm service.