Harajuku Gyozaro


6-2-4 Jingumae
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Open Hours
1-12: Mon: - 11:30-24:00 Tue-Sat: - 00:00-04:30 - 11:30-24:00 Sun: - 00:00-04:00 - 11:30-22:00
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About this sight

This store specializes in Gyoza - a kind of pot sticker dish typically filled with different types of ingredients such as ground meat and/or vegetables. This store offers two of the most popular types of gyoza: yaki-gyoza (pan fried dumplings) and sui-gyoza (boiled dumplings). For both types of gyoza, visitors can choose to have them with or without chives and garlic. Other menu items include a miso cucumber salad, spicy moyashi (bean sprouts), cabbage with miso paste and rice with soup.