Rainbow Soko 3 (Shimokitazawa)


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1-12: Mon-Fri: - 10:00-22:00 Sat-Sun: - 10:00-20:00
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About this sight

Recently opened in Shimokitzawa, this five-story building is the third "creative warehouse" owned by the rental space operator Rainbow Soko. The building offers plenty of space for creativity and socializing. The first two floors of the establishment are split into 20 booths. The third floor is reserved for galleries, studios and exhibitions. On this floor, individual artists can use the mini compartments provided at the Box Shop to display and sell their creations. The fourth floor is used as storage for tools. Lastly, the fifth floor is a lounge converted rooftop balcony, which can be rented for BBQ parties. In addition, The Plaster's Cafe coffee stand sells hand drip coffee and other drinks, as well as ice cream and a vegan food menu.