Ganso Nagahamaya


2-5-38 Nagahama Chuo-ku
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1-12: Mon-Sun: - 06:00-16:00
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Originally catered to workers at Nagahama Fish Market, this ramen joint has expanded its business to include all types of customers. The shop specializes in Nagahama ramen, a specialty dish in the Fukuoka region and a variant of tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen. During the preparation process, the pork bones are simmered overnight until they become white, giving the ramen broth its rich taste. The broth is then loaded onto a bowl of thin noodles and topped with green onions and barbecued pork. Aside from Nagahama ramen, the shop is said to be the origin of the meal ticket vending machine, widely used across Japan and even other parts of the globe today. Along with ramen, the restaurant serves alcoholic beverages and offers refill noodles and toppings.