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Open Hours
1-2: Mon-Sun: - 09:00-16:00 3: Mon-Sun: - 09:00-16:30 4-5: Mon-Sun: - 09:00-19:00 6-9: Mon-Sun: - 08:30-16:00 10: Mon-Sun: - 09:00-19:00 11: Mon-Sun: - 09:00-16:30 12: Mon-Sun: - 09:00-16:00
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About this sight

Biei is famous for its scenic rolling hills, and the Panoramic Flower Gardens of Shikisai no Oka provide a beautiful display of colorful flowers of around thirty varieties from spring till fall every year. Flowers include lavender, sunflowers, lupine and cosmos. In May, the fields will be full of tulips, lavender in July and sunflowers in August.
Transport such as buses and buggies as well as carts are available as options to get around the sprawling park. The bus ride costs 500 yen for adults, 300 yen for children, a 4-seater buggy ride for 15-min for 2,000 yen and a 30-min course for 5,100 yen. During winter, you can enjoy a snowmobile ride through the snow.
There is also an alpaca ranch in the park, with feeding options available. Enjoy ice cream made from Biei farm milk, as well as croquettes made from locally grown melons and potatoes! Here you can enjoy nature’s goodness in every way!