Nokonoshima Island


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About this sight

Nokonoshima Island is the ideal nature break from bustling Fukuoka, especially for flower enthusiasts. A 10-minute ferry ride from the Meinohama ferry port in Fukuoka city (departing every hour), the island and its beautiful nature scenery seems like a whole other world.

Nokonoshima Island is best known for the Nokonoshima Island Flower Park (Entry: ¥
1000). The flowers found on its grounds changes by the season; in the spring it is best known for its rapeseed and cherry blossoms, in the summer for its hydrangeas and cockspur coral tree flowers, the fall for its cosmos and scarlet sage, while in the winter it is known for its camellias and plum blossoms. The flowers provide a lovely backdrop for the port and Fukuoka city in the distance. The park’s area is quite widespread, and merits 3-4 hours. Unique about this park is that you are welcome to pick its flowers, so bring a bag when you visit.

Besides the beautiful flowers, the park also contains some games, including nokonokoball, which is a blend of croquet and golf (Price: ¥500). You can also feed some rabbits in a corner of the park, a popular attraction for family with children (Price: ¥100). While a 90-minute walk from the ferry port, there are some limited buses running between the park and the port.

Another popular attraction is the Nokonoshima Museum, which holds exhibits on the island’s history, famous locals, and its boating culture (Price: ¥400). The highlight of the museum is the view of Fukuoka city from the hill upon which it is located. Closer to the port is Eifukuji temple. While it is quite a small temple, its statues are charming and worth a look. Nearby is also a display of kilns from the 17th century.

The island can be explored via buses (though limited), cycling, and its hiking/walking trails. From the center of Fukuoka city, the island can be reached in approximately 2 hours.