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About this sight

The Giant Panda Zoo is home to a lot more than the world’s most beloved bears. Today, it is home to around 200 different species and 1,000 individual animals, including elephants, polar bears, wildcats, monkeys, hippos, turtles, and bats.

Tan Tan is Kobe Oji’s giant panda and perhaps the zoo’s most popular exhibit. The Panda House is in the center of the zoo and contains two huge outdoor exhibits, four bedrooms, a breeding room, and a bamboo storage room.

In the springtime, the zoo’s beautiful cherry blossoms attract a wide variety of visitors. After viewing all of the animals, kids can hang out in the zoo’s small amusement park. Adults pay 600 yen for admission. Junior high students pay 200 yen and kids in elementary school get in for free. If you plan to see everything Kobe Oji has to offer, expect to spend a full day there.