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With 8 floors of entertainment, this building complex is rightfully named "multi entertainment" in Japanese. Pasela Resorts is known among locals as having decorative karaoke rooms and enormous honey toast dishes. Though a chain store this specific branch offers something different for every floor. The first floor is their Honey Toast Cafe. The second floor is host to three anime themed collaboration cafes, the first is with Star Child Label, a record label focusing on anime voice talent. The second with Otomate, a game making company, and the third being with Square Enix for a Final Fantasy themed cafe. The third floor of this complex is home to the Three Monkeys Cafe which is a darts bar with original cocktails. The 4th thru 6th floors offer their well known karaoke area, with a find and seek game included. The last floor, the 8th floor is home to their catering and event floor Grace Bali.