Tokyo Ginza BAY HOTEL


7-13-15 Ginza
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Located in the famous shopping area Ginza, this capsule hotel offers women-only floors, and 24-hour convenient stores and drink stores are also accessible in the building. Bay Hotel Ginza offers discounted prices for early reservations and consecutive stays, and seasonal plans, QUO card plans, etc. are also available for visitors. If you stay for consecutive nights, you'll be allowed to stay in the lounge and use the shower rooms anytime except between the hours of 10am to 4pm. You also may leave your luggage at the reception. (Check-out is at 10am.) Bay Hotel offers clean, simple rooms, and hotel facilities include lockers, room wear, wristband keys, lounges, free wifi, microwaves, electric kettles, washers, and dryers, along with amenities and shower rooms.