Kamikado Street - Goen Alley


840-1 Kizukiminami Taishachō Izumo-shi, Shimane-ken
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About this sight

Located next to the “Seidamari” entrance of the Izumo Grand Shrine, this alley is home to several souvenir shops featuring goods made from the area. Goen Alley offers many omiyage (souvenirs), from accessories to snacks, all made in Shimane. These souvenir shops are all constructed out of local lumber and tile, creating a retro atmosphere.

Here you can try everything from the popular Izumo Zen Zai cracker, different accessories made out of natural rock, pickled cucumbers perfect for summer, and of course the grilled mackerel sushi with sweet barbeque sauce. Many of the goods you see in this alley are only available in this area, so whether you are simply relaxing, picking out souvenirs, or looking for delicious food, this place is sure to be a unique experience.