Tamawakasu-Mikoto Shrine Yaosugi Tree


713 Shimonishi Okinoshima-chō, Oki-gun, Shimane-ken
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About this sight

This shrine is found in a very historic area of Oki, built in the iconic Oki-zukuri, or Oki style. Next to the shrine is the 2000 year old Yao Sugi Cedar, measuring around 30m in height, 20m in width around the roots, and around 9m in girth. It was listed as a natural monument in 1992.

It is said that a Bhikkhuni (Buddhist nun) who achieved longevity by consuming mermaid meat visited this shrine and planted this cedar tree as one of her earthly belongings. She the proclaimed, "Lets meet back here in 800 years," hence earning this tree its name "Yao Sugi Cedar (800 year tree)” Legend has it that a giant serpent sleeps within the roots of this cedar, and has been trapped in it ever since. If you put you ear up against the roots, you just might hear it snore!