Amano Iwato


Mie-ken, Shima-shi, Isobe-cho, Erihara
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+81 599-46-0570
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Despite the number of caves with the same name, Amano Iwato in Shima City is believed to be the legendary cave where the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu-Omikami hid out of shame of her younger brothers, the Japanese God of Storms, Susano-no-mikoto, wrongdoings. The cave is also a natural spring with some of the purest water, which was selected by the ministry of the Environment among the country's best 100 for quality.

What seems to be a quiet forest at first, Amano Iwato exemplifies some of the beautiful parts of the countryside areas of Japan in one location. As you walk through the gate, visitors are greeted with the undisturbed natural beauty of Japan. The sound of the neighboring stream of water, birds chirping in the trees, bees buzzing by and everything else you would expect in a forest full of life. There is a small but unforgotten bridge with a waterfall directly in front of it that you must cross before entering the main area. Once you reach the top, you will be able to hear a faint sound of the water coming from the cave. If you so delightfully want to, visitors can take a a sip of the water and drink it directly or fill a water bottle to take home with them.

Most Convenient:
10 minute car ride from Shima-Isobe Station.

Other Options:
20 minute walk from Amano Iwato Guchi bus stop. Take the bus bound for Ise via Shima Isobe Station. Amano Iwato Guchi bus stop is 10 minutes away. Or take the bus bound for Shukuura/Gozako from JR Ise-shi Station or Kintetsu Ujiyamada Station to Amano Iwato Exit. The bus ride will take around 25 minutes and and the walk to Amano Iwato will take about 10 minutes.