Katada Inari Shrine


Mie-ken, Shima-shi, Shima-cho, Katada 64
+81 59-985-2342
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About this sight

The iconic view of many red gates all lined up in a row is something that is truly a sight to see in Japan. Here at Katada Inari Shrine, visitors are greeted by countless red gates before entering the main section of the shrine. The sound of the ocean next door further boosts the beauty as visitors can experience the tranquility that comes with it.
Katada Inari Shrine is said to grant prayers for good catch and safe sailing as the guardian diety of fishing is enshrined here. Many fisherman come here in order to pray for good harvest, It is also famous for having a painted ceiling drawn by the artist Tossai Nomura and his disciples. The glazed roof tile of “Urashima-taro” is designated as an important cultural property.

A big festival is held annually on November 7th to be thankful for good harvest for the rest of the year.

35 Minutes away via bus From Kintetsu Ugata Station to KatadaInari mae Bus Station(Bound to Gozako).