Shima Nature School


Mie-ken, Shima-shi, Daio-cho, Nakiri 2199 Tomiyama Koennai
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Shima Nature School: For those that enjoy activities and want to experience some of Shima's beautiful nature in a more adventurous way, this school is perfect for you. Located in Tomoyama Park facing Ago Bay, this school offers fun activities for all types of visitors including, kayaking, running in a waterball, cycling and many more. Some of the amazing islands located within Ago Bay are accessible via kayak for visitors to get an upclose view of these amazing nature spots, something that Shima City is very famous for. The guides are all very professional and will assist visitors with any questions if they may have some. Running in the waterball is also a very exciting activity that is a must for anyone that wants to get a light workout in while rolling around in a plastic ball.

30 Minute Taxi from Kintetsu Ugata Station