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Mie-ken, Shima-shi, Ago-cho, Shinmei 1001-17
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Experiencing the nature within Shima City is something that is highly recommended and what's a better way than to discover the nature below the water through scuba diving with scuba professionals from Aristo Divers. Enter some of the most beautiful and crystal clear waters and enjoy all of the marine life that Shima City has. Scuba diving certifications are also not required in order to experience this activity. Guides will assist those that may have trouble swimming or have never scuba dove before. There will be an introduction video before entering the water that new-comers will have to watch in order to learn diving basics. Participants will then practice how to breath properly in the shallow end of the bay before finally venturing off to the deeper depths. This is a highly reccomended activity in this area. This activity will take approximately half the day so be prepared to reserve some time for this awesome experience!

Free Shuttle Service from Kintetsu Ugata Station (Reservation required to claim this service)