Daiosaki Lighthouse


Mie-ken, Shima-shi, Daio-cho, Nakiri 54
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1-12: Mon-Sun: - 09:00-16:00
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About this sight

Located in a dangerous area of the Pacific ocean, dividing the Kumano Sea and the Enshu Sea, the Daiosaki Lighthouse is open to the public to enjoy a specatular view from above. From the top, you can see the beautiful town of Nakiri and witness the strong currents against the stones below.

Leading up to the lighthouse are many shops selling pearl accessories, restaurants/cafes and many other variety good stores. There is also a deck that sticks out a little before visitors reach the lighthouse offering a great view of both the sea and lighthouse. The scene has inspired many paintings of its natural beauty.

It is said that you can perceive the roundness of the earth first hand from the top of the lighthouse.

20 Minutes via Bus from Ugata Station to Daiosaki Todai (Sanko bus bound to Gozako)