Hoshitoge Rice Terraces


〒942-1351 Niigata-ken, Tōkamachi-shi, Tōge
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About this sight

Niigata Prefecture is well known as one of the most famous prefectures for rice. The #1 branded rice, Koshihikari has for awhile now been ranked very highly within Japan. If you visit Niigata Prefecture not only should you be eating tons of rice but we also recommend tourists to visit some of the beautiful rice fields. Here at Hoshitouge visitors can witness gorgeous terraced rice fields.Depending on the season and time of day, these rice fields are definitely a sight to see giving off a different viewpoint that is a view to remember. We highly suggest visiting this spot all year hopefully with a camera! You can find these rice fields in the Matsuno-yama and Matsudai areas within Tokamachi City.