Wakamiyaminami-131-2 Wakimachi Ōaza InoshiriMima-shi, Tokushima-ken 779-3602
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About this sight

Located in the Nishi Awa area of Tokushima Prefecture, Adliv gives off a very relaxed and communal vibe. While the 2nd floor is equipped with office space and coworking tables, the 1st floor has multiple lounge areas, a cafe/restaurant that serves food and drinks and an accommodation area in case you happen to stay late at the office. The front of the office faces beautiful scenery, while the back of the office is situated in front of a small town. Adliv is highly recommended as a satellite office space for those that want to escape the city centers of Japan and have an opportunity to socialize with locals or other users of the satellite offices. Facilities include wifi, food and beverages, furnished rooms and a parking lot. Rent starts from ¥7,500 per month.