Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts

Sight in Tokyo

G.C. Press GINZA

G.C. Press is a popular brand of high-end stationary found in many department stores across Japan. Their collections mainly reflect seasons and include envelopes and letter paper of all shapes and sizes. Their seals(stickers) are high quality and are usually 250 yen for 10 pieces. This shop is the brand's main branch and has a wider collection than the limited collection from department stores.

Sight in Tokyo

Oriental Bazaar

Located in the hip district of Omotesando, the Oriental Bazaar offers three floors of all things Japanese souvenirs. 😍

Sight in Okinawa

Ryukyu Glass Village

This "village" is the largest glass and crafts making factory in all of Okinawa, and there is so much to explore here. Their main workshop that they offer is making ryukyu glass products, which is an Okinawan specialty that you won't find anywhere else.

Sight in Okinawa

Teida Glass Studio

Located next to the popular Okashi Goten is this glass blowing studio that specializes in making the famous Okinawan ryukyu glass. This tradition of glass blowing is one that is very near and dear to the people of Okinawa and has become a trade that the people take great pride in. In addition to its rich culture and history, it is just so pretty and makes a great souvenir. Visit their website to see what kind of glass you can make here and for reservation details. Photos found on their website.

Sight in Okinawa

Okashi Goten | Onna Branch

Okinawa is famous for their purple sweet potato tarts🍠, and if you visit you will likely see these little tarts in pretty little boxes adorning the storefronts of every shop you see. The special thing about this venue is that it is the only place in Okinawa that you can make your own tart👩🏻‍🍳!

Sight in Tokyo

Create your one of a kind Japanese name tags at Stock+

Ranked as the #1 shopping destination in the Chuo ward on Trip Advisor, Stock+ is a company that will translate your name into Japanese (using kanji characters) to create your one of a kind custom name tags. The perfect souvenir to bring back home!

Sight in Tokyo

Ink Stand by Kakimori

Create your one of a kind ink to take home as a souvenir at Ink Stand located close to Asakusa. The color combinations are endless.

Article by Tokyo Creative

Asia’s Largest Art Event — Design Festa Tokyo

The 2-day extravaganza that brings artists and art enthusiasts together at the Tokyo Big Sight.

Article by Tokyo Creative

Who's the Japanese Artist Featured in Momager Kris Jenner's Hidden Hills Home?

Find out about the Japanese artist who's artwork was recently featured in Queen momager, Kris Jenner's Hidden Hills Home and where you can find his artwork in Japan.

Article by Athena Lam

How to...Kintsugi

Just broke your favourite cup? Before throwing it in the dustbin, consider it a golden moment to make your first kintsugi piece. Kintsugi is the Japanese craft

Sight in Osaka

Morino Sample

Morino Sample is a food sample shop, which also organizes trial food sample making classes on weekends.

Sight in Nagano

Azumino Glass Studio

At the Azumino Glass Studio visitors can experience blowing their own glass pieces. Note: You will need to pick them up two days after.

Sight in Shizuoka

Acty Mori

Acty Mori is a large park with lots of outdoor activities as well as hands-on crafts for visitors to enjoy.

Sight in Tokyo

Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square

This crafts center displays art works created using Japanese traditional techniques. Most items are for sale.

Sight in Niigata

Aikawa Exhibit House of Folk Crafts

The Aikawa Exhibit House of Folk Crafts lets visitors try their hand at traditional Sado crafts.

Sight in Niigata


Kicchoan is a craft center where local artisans sell their products and weave traditional ware.

Sight in Hyogo

Nishinomiya Municipal North Entrance Gallery

Located in the Hyogo area, this municipal gallery has several exhibition rooms featuring works by local artists. The galleries are open to the general public, f

Sight in Ibaraki

Kasama Kougei-no-Oka

Kasama Kougei-no-Oka is an pottery and crafts facility located within the Geijutsu no Mori Park. The facility contains craft shops, galleries, stores and an exp

Sight in Osaka

Photo Gallery Sai

Sight in Osaka

Contemporary Art and Spirits (CAS)

This is a non-profit art space initiated in 1998. As being a non-profit organization, they aim to be the place where all people can participate in art. They hol

Sight in Osaka

Gallery Koyodo

Koyodo is a gallery rental space in Osaka's lively area of Tennoji. It is located a short walk South of Osaka-Uehonmachi station. Only open during exhibitions.

Sight in Hokkaido


In collaboration with the Japanese magazine "Slow" for northern style, this shop sells arts and crafts by close to 40 artists from Hokkaido. Toiro also offers t

Sight in Tokyo

Dove Tokyo College of Jewelry

Dove Tokyo College of Jewelry is a jewelry school for beginners to professionals in Kichijoji.

Sight in Tokyo


Outbound is an arts and crafts store located in Kichijoji.

Sight in Osaka

Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery

This art gallery located in Shinbashi features different artist's work which can be found on their website

Sight in Osaka

MU Higashi Shinsaibashi Gallery

Sight in Osaka

Gallery Nii

This Osaka art gallery features local talents from time to time. Their website features the artist's work and upcoming shows.

Sight in Osaka

Cubic Gallery

This Osaka art gallery features different artists' work from time to time. Head to their website for information on their upcoming shows and events.

Sight in Kagawa

Yamanaka Zoudou

Yamanaka Zoudou is a craft center selling traditional wooden sculptures located in Kagawa.

Sight in Yamagata

Izu Kokeshi

Izu Kokeshi is a traditional wooden toy shop, craft store and workshop located close to Ginzan onsen in Yamagata prefecture.

Sight in Gunma


Daimonya is a daruma (traditional Japanese round wooden doll) shop located in Takasaki City in Gunma. The shop also offers the experience to paint a daruma your

Sight in Osaka

Yodo Gallery

This is an art gallery based in Osaka. Their website has limited artworks for sale, and information on upcoming events.

Sight in Osaka

Yamaki Art Gallery

This is an art gallery based in Osaka. Their website will contain more information on their upcoming events and shows.

Sight in Osaka

MI gallery

This gallery in Osaka feature local artist's work, from paintings, to sculptures, and other arts and crafts.

Sight in Osaka


This is an interior design studio by Yukio Kimura. They feature the artist's works and has information for access on their website.

Sight in Osaka

Lixil Gallery Osaka

This is a high end art gallery featuring selected artists work. They have touring, art, and ceramics exhibitions. Check their website for more details.

Sight in Osaka

Hachibankan Gallery

This is an art gallery located in Kita. They feature different artist's work, with upcoming shows that you can find on their website.