Japanese Cuisine

Japanese Cuisine

Sight in Shizuoka

Tsutsumi Farm

Located in the foothills of Amagi Mountain Tsutsumi Farm produces high quality wasabi plants which were ranked number 1 on popular commerce website Rakuten.

Sight in Shizuoka

Okiagari Shokudo

Located along the Nishi Izu Coast, Okiagari Shokudo is famous for its locally caught, fresh squid based dishes.

Sight in Shizuoka

Kanesa Katsuobushi

Ever wondered how the dry tuna flakes on top of your okonomiyaki are made? Kanesa is a shop located on the idyllic Nishi Izu coast that still practices the traditional method of doing so.

Sight in Kyoto

Koe Donuts Kyoto

Kyoto goes donut crazy. 😍🍩The organic donut store that's taking Kyoto by storm.

Sight in Okinawa

Kouri Ocean Tower

This spot is a beautiful 82 feet tall observation tower located on the "love island" of Okinawa There are 4 singular experiences that this venue provides for their visitors. The first one is their tower, which has a viewing deck that you can travel up to via a cute dainty little cart.

Sight in Okinawa

Okashi Goten | Onna Branch

Okinawa is famous for their purple sweet potato tarts🍠, and if you visit you will likely see these little tarts in pretty little boxes adorning the storefronts of every shop you see. The special thing about this venue is that it is the only place in Okinawa that you can make your own tart👩🏻‍🍳!

Sight in

Omakase Azabujuban

Omakase is a high-end reservations only restaurant that is part of the Mottainai Project, which strives to reduce food waste in Japan by sourcing their ingredients from those that are doomed for disposal due to slight imperfections. Their ingredients are on the more expensive side ranging from foie gras, wagyu steak, to high grade crab in their Japanese-style full course menus. Remember to book your reservation the day before. Photos found on OpenTable

Sight in Tokyo

Tachi Ten Maru

TachitenMaru is a standing tempura bar that is part of the Mottainai Project, which strives to reduce food waste in Japan by sourcing their ingredients from those that are doomed for disposal due to slight imperfections. Their ‘Babaa’ dish is highly recommended! Photos from TableLog

Sight in Tokyo

Tsukiji Mottainai Project Uoharu

Uoharu offers a unique dining experience because every morning they go to Tsukiji to choose their ingredients from the selection of fish that are left over and doomed for disposal due to slight imperfections. They have a different menu everyday and even highlight each dish’s imperfection. This restaurant not only feeds your belly, but also your conscience!

Article by Elsda Li

“Mottainai!” Culture

“Mottainai!” is a phrase in Japanese that means “What a waste!”. In Japan, being frugal is ingrained into the community and the culture, and in this article we will explore some of the sites that help make Japan the efficient and resourceful place it is.

Article by Tokyo Creative

Why the Newest MUJI Ginza and Hotel is a Must See Spot in Tokyo Part 1

Sharing with you part one of our in depth feature of MUJI Ginza the flagship store taking over central Tokyo!

Sight in Niigata


Located in central Niigata City, Koushi is a restaurant which specializes in foods such as curry ramen, fried chicken and katsu curry. KNown for its large portions, Koushi's long-serving chef also occasionally prepares extra huge versions of his meals for eating contest contestants, also known as 'food fighters'.

Sight in Tokyo

Tempura Uchitsu

A 2-star Michelin restaurant specializing in tempura, Tempura Uchitsu emphasizes counter dining.

Sight in Tokyo


Ichigo is a 2-star Michelin restaurant serving kaiseki-style Japanese cuisine.

Sight in Tokyo


Ajiman is a 2-star Michelin restaurant specializing in fugu (pufferfish).

Sight in Nara


Artisanal ramen with noodles made from scratch.

Sight in Shizuoka

Za Watami Izakaya

Za Watami is a popular nation-wide chain of izakaya, Japanese-style bars. This particular branch is located in the Naka Ward of Hamamatsu.

Sight in Osaka

Ganko (Hiranogo Yashiki)

Ganko (Hiranogo Yashiki) is a Japanese restaurant housed in a traditional Japanese style-mansion.

Sight in Tokyo

Minowa Sushi

Minowa Sushi is a popular local takeaway sushi shop.

Sight in Akita


Izakaya located in central Akita City serving Akita cuisine.

Sight in Tokyo

Chanko Tomoegata

Chanko Tomoegata is a restaurant serving Chanko, the "sumo's dish" which is a hearty nabe or stew often cooked at the table communally.

Sight in Tokyo

Taiyaki Naniwaya Sohonten

Recognizable for the noren curtains hanging outside, Naniwaya Sohonten specializes in taiyaki (sea bream-shaped Japanese pastries).

Sight in Tokyo

Asakusa Amezaiku Ameshin (Tokyo Sky Tree Town Solamachi)

Asakusa Amezaiku Ameshin is a candy store offering delicately crafted Japanese candies and lollipops.

Sight in Hokkaido

Ramen Yokocho Alley

Located in Susukino, Sapporo’s largest entertainment district, the alley is packed with ramen shops offering the local specialty: miso ramen. The dish is made o

Sight in Shizuoka

Hamanako Nakanosho

Favorite restaurant for Ungai (eel) which is a specialty of this area.

Sight in Shizuoka

Togakushi Soba

Local soba restaurant featuring handmade noodles.

Sight in Nagasaki


Yasubee is a Japanese restaurant serving a variety of dishes.

Sight in Chiba

Seafood Market Shiratorimaru

This is the Shiratorimaru fishery's seafood market and restaurant in Onjuku, Chiba.

Sight in Nagasaki

Yakinikuya Sakai

Yakinikuya Sakai is a Japanese restaurant specializing in yakiniku (Japanese BBQ).

Sight in Shizuoka


Izakaya with fish specialities open all day long during summer season in Shimoda.

Sight in Tokyo

Sushi Noike

A traditional sushi restaurant, this shop is located in the old-town district of Yanaka. Especially famous for its conger eel sushi, Noike is a popular spot amo

Sight in Tokyo

Niku no Suzuki

This butcher shop is famous for fried foods and especially their menchi-katsu, a minced meat and vegetable croquette. Founded in 1933, this shop has been featur

Sight in Tokyo

Nezu Kamachiku

This restaurant is the Tokyo branch of one of Osaka's most famous udon noodle eateries. Designed by architect Kengo Kuma, Nezu Kamachiku shares its premises wit

Sight in Shizuoka

Hottori Soba

Center for learning about and making your own soba noodles.

Sight in Hokkaido

Kakizaki Shoten Kaisenkobo

Kaisenkoubou is a cafeteria-style seafood restaurant specializing in donburi (rice bowls).

Sight in Wakayama

Tore Tore Market

Tore Tore Market is a fish market with a food court, located in Shirahama.

Sight in Tokyo

Kawakami An (Azabu)

This restaurant is originally based in Karuizawa, Nagano, and specializes in handmade soba noodles. Their great selection of Japanese rice wines, many of which