Theme Parks

Theme Parks

Article by Elsda Li

Let’s Get in Shape! | Ways to Stay Fit This Summer

Exercise in Japan can be fun, enjoyable, and a place for you to meet new friends. Although anyone can opt to go to the gym for a quick workout, it’s nothing like attending a yoga session or going for a brisk hike on Mt. Takao surrounded by Japan’s beautiful nature.

Sight in Tokyo

teamLab Borderless

Opened in June 21st, 2018, enter into the three-dimensional digital art experience that everyone is talking about. Located in Odaiba, this permanent exhibition is a must see attraction where the 10,000 square meter space is transformed into a digital art playground of lights, sound, projectors and more!

Sight in Mie

Nagashima Resort

Nagashima Resort is a leisure and entertainment facility located on the outskirts of Nagoya.

Sight in Ibaraki

Hitachi Kamine Park

Hitachi Kamine Park is an amusement park/zoo located at the base of Mt.Kurakake and overlooks Hitachi City and the pacific ocean. In April around 1000 cherry bl

Sight in Niigata

Mikawa Kanko Kinoko-en (Mikawa Tourist Mushroom Park)

The Mikawa Tourist Mushroom Park or, Mikawa Kanko Kinoko-en, is located in the town of Aga in Niigata Prefecture.

Sight in Oita

Sanrio Character Park Harmonyland

Sanrio Character Park Harmonyland is a theme park based on Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters.

Sight in Tokyo

Disney Store (Shibuya Koen-dori)

Disney Store has a wide range of character merchandise and sells tickets for Disney Land as well.

Sight in Yamanashi

FUJIYAMA (Fuji-Q Highland)

Fujiyama is a roller coaster in Fuji-Q Highland.

Sight in Yamanashi

Eejanaika (Fuji-Q Highland)

Eejanaika is a 4th dimension roller coaster located in Fuji-Q Highland.

Sight in Yamanashi

Dodonpa (Fuji-Q Highland)

Dodonpa is a roller coaster In Fuji-Q Highland with the world's fastest acceleration.

Sight in Yamanashi

Takabisha (Fuji-Q Highland)

Takabisha, located in the famous Fuji-Q Highland, is the world's steepest roller coaster with a drop angle of 121 degrees.

Sight in Iwate

Esashi Fujiwara no Sato

Esashi Fujiwara no Sato (Fujiwara Heritage Park) is a theme park recreating Japanese history by letting visitors experience the glory days of the Heian period.

Sight in Iwate

Koiwai Farm Makiba-en

Koiwai is a privately owned farm located right by Mount Iwate. Locals and tourists alike visit its pastoral area called Makiba-en for activities and entertainme

Sight in Osaka

Osaka Children's House Big Bang

Big Bang is a large-size children's house in Osaka.

Sight in Nagano

Daio Wasabi Farm

The Daio Wasabi Farm is a theme park-like farm where wasabi is cultivated.

Sight in Yamanashi

Fuji Subaru Land Doggy Park

Fuji Subaru Land is an activity theme park for humans and dogs. Visitors can even rent dogs, if they don't have one or bring their own.

Sight in Chiba

Inagekaihin park

Offering a relaxing view of the ocean and cycling road, this park is well known for their water park facility that is operated by the city of Chiba. The water p

Sight in Hiroshima

Citrus Park Setoda

Citrus Park Setoda displays over 500 sorts of citrus from all over the world.

Sight in Osaka

Hirakata Park

Hirakata Park is a large theme park in Hirakata, Osaka. It includes an event space, flower garden and a zoo.

Sight in Tokyo

Jidayubori Park Minka-en

Jidayubori Park has recreated a folk village of the 18th century where visitors can experience the lifestyle and customs of that time.

Sight in Gifu

Showa Period Village Theme Park

Showa Period Village Theme Park (also known as Heisei Memorial Park) in Minokamo City has been created to resemble idyllic country life during the Showa era.

Sight in Chiba

Mother Farm

At this 250-hectare theme park, visitors can come in contact with various farm animals and enjoy activities such as milking cows and making cheese.

Sight in Nagasaki

Huis Ten Bosch

Huis Ten Bosch is a European-themed park with gardens and attractions.

Sight in Tokyo

Ueno Kodomo Yuen

Ueno Kodomo Yuen is a small amusement park located within Ueno Park.

Sight in Chiba

Tokyo German Village

Tokyo German Village is a 250-hectare park where visitors can enjoy mingling with animals and trying new outdoor activities. There is also a flower garden, a mi

Sight in Hokkaido

Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura

Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura is a theme park reproducing a provincial town during the Edo Period (1603-1867).

Sight in Tokyo

Trampoline Park Trampoland Tokyo

Trampoline Park has a 16 x 5m trampoline for children as well as adults to have fun and exercise at the same time. (Weekend mornings are reserved for children b

Sight in Mie

Nagashima Resort

This resort located in Mie Prefecture houses five main leisure facilities: The Nagashima Spaland, a hot spring complex, an outlet shopping mall and Nabana no Sa

Sight in Fukuoka

Space World

Space World is a space-themed amusement park located in the Kitakyushu area of Fukuoka.

Sight in Okinawa

Nago Pineapple Park

Nago Pineapple Park is the ideal place to get immersed in a tropical setting as it is comprised of a pineapple field that can be visited by foot or electric car