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Movies & Music

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Cinema Two

Cinema Two is located in Tachikawa, and features moslty blockbuster flicks with some indie and arthouse films from time to time. This venue is famous for their sound system, with sound engineers during the showtime to make sure that the audio is pitch perfect. The theatres are visially impressive with lights lining the individual seats for you to find your way. Images from Taratta Tachikawa

Sight in Tokyo

Yebisu Garden Cinema

This cinema features mainly Western independent films, and has a beautiful venue that serves a plethora of food and drinks. The space also hold concerts and musical shows from time to time. The interior can be described as sleek modern, with top quality seats and 3D screens in addition to digital. Images from Kotobuki Seating

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Tollywood is a theatre for those who love short films, or simply can’t sit through a full length feature without falling asleep. Some of the best and most meaningful stories can be shorts, so don’t be quick to dismiss it! This is a popular place for the young local movie buffs in the bohemian-esque district of Shimokitazawa. Images from Sabukaru Tokyo

Sight in Tokyo

Somethin' Jazz Club

Somethin' Jazz Club is located in Ikebuikuro, where jazz is very prominent. They feature a nice variety of funk and soul in addition to jazz for those that enjoy a wider range of music. With their reasonable prices and their live performances every night, this is a definite must-see! The unique thing about this venue is that the owner actually teaches music here, and all are welcome, so don’t worry if you are just a beginner. Photos found on Foursquare

Sight in Tokyo

Cotton Club

Cotton Club is a venue where you can expect live performances every night, with genres like from soul, rb&b, and jazz. This venue has a large stage is performance based, meaning they offer a variety of things such as a sinner plan pack as well as a souvenirs and gift cards. On the bottom of their website you will see all of the jazz companies that they are affiliated to, as well as future performances, etc. Check this place out for a wholistic jazz experience!

Sight in Tokyo

Billboard Live

Billboard Live is not solely for jazz music, as they feature r&b and soul as well. It is perfect for those who want to experience jazz music in a large concert like venue. This place is owned by the large and infamous Billboard magazine, so you get the what you pay for when you purchase a ticket for one of their shows. They also have other locations all across Japan so be sure to visit their website for more information and for their variety of live performances! Photos found on Foursquare

Sight in Tokyo

Body and Soul

Body and Soul is larger than your average jazz joint, and apparently has really good food. This venue has an easy to follow website where you can see the details of each of their live performances before you plan your visit. They have a few locations, so be sure to check that out. On their website, they mention that they are one of the first jazz clubs that ever opened when jazz fist came to Japan! That is defiantly worth checking out! I chose this venue largely due to another reason; it has a similar title to my favorite poem in the whole entire world, A Dialogue Between the Soul and Body by Andrew Marvell. If you have some time, give it a read, I’m sure it won’t disappoint!

Sight in Tokyo

The Pit Inn

This spot is considered to be the best of all the Jazz clubs in Tokyo. Here, you will see only very dedicated jazz fans; there won't be much chatter or electronics, and minimal service. As you can see from the set up of the venue the place places its focus on the music before anything else, with all the seats facing the center stage, and the ambiance is like that of the good old traditional Jazz spots (dim lighting, hush atmosphere, and old posters). Photos found on Foursquare

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According to the Tokyo Jazz Site, Nefertiti is finest spot in the entire Metropolitan area of Tokyo for Jazz, named after the Miles Davis Album in 1968. This place is famous for its sound, which can’t be described in so many words so you will just have to go see for yourself! As for the ambiance of the place, it is larger than your tradition jazz site, and there is natural light that is beautifully accompanied with jazz from all genres, from experimental/free albums to vocal jazz pieces, all of which you can listen to on your next visit. Please take note that this is not a smoking venue.

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Eigakan is a highly stylized cafe that is styled to resemble a movie set, which is why the name of the cafe literally translates to movie theatre. They use heavy duty lights that are used for movie shoots, and surround the walls with movie posters as well as some vintage journals and magazines. The owner of the place has actually worked on several documentaries and been in the industry for a long time. If the place is not super busy, you can even ask him about his passion for jazz, or the work that he has done.Sources say that he is very open and friendly! Photos found on Foursquare

Sight in Tokyo

Jazz Big Boy

Jazz Big Boy is a cafe/bar that is wildly different than your traditional Jazz scene. The interior is sure to bring a hop to your step and a smile to your face, with a bright yellow door to welcome you inside and light interior colors that pop and bring energy to your day. Music ranges from old hip hop to modern jazz, but this venue is one that is sure to bring you more energy and a fun filled afternoon. At 7PM, this place turns into a bar and requires a 1000 yen cover charge so be sure to keep that in mind before you visit. Be sure to bring cash as this place does not accept credit cards. Photos found on Foursquare

Sight in Tokyo

The New Dug

The New Dug is a cafe/bar with a history, as it came after the original jazz cafe DUG which hosted some of the largest names in the jazz world as they visited Tokyo. It was sadly closed permanently, as the original building it was a part of was was torn down. The original cafe was owned by a photographer by the name of Hozumi Nakadaira and the place was considered to be one of the most legendary in Japan. The New Doug has all of the same music and features Nakadaira’s photographs throughout the shop and it even has his pictures in the form of postcards that you can get for just 100 yen! The ambiance can be described as an underground space that is dark and intimate, perfect for those hard-boiled jazz cats who like their whiskey on the rocks. This place was also features in Haruki Murakami’s award winning novel called Norwegian Wood, a must read. Come here to experience a piece of history, preserved through the photographs that accent the walls of the space. Photos found on Foursquare

Sight in Tokyo

Samurai Shinjuku

This jazz cafe is quite peculiar due to humongous amount of maneki nekos (beckoning cats) that line the walls of the space. They also have a large collection of vinyls but mainly play 6os and 70s jazz. In addition to the copious amounts of cats, they have signed covers of jazz bands and obscure band posters. There are a lot of food items to choose from such as pizzas and pasta, along with an array of alcoholic beverages as well. Photos found on Google Maps

Sight in Tokyo

JBS Shibuya

JBS Shibuya has an incredible collection of 11,000 vinyls of pure jazz gold, as well as some old school hip hop as well. The initials stand for Jazz Blues Soul. Come here to browse their collection and make requests for songs. Try to stay within the genre that is playing, as abrupt changes can be startling. Before your visit, please note to yourself not to be loud and to follow their rules, as the owner is particular about the ambiance of the cafe. Photos found on Foursquare

Sight in Tokyo

Heikin Ritsu 平均律

This is a meikyoku kissaten (classical music cafe) that serves food and drinks accompanied with baroque music. In the store, There is a sign that says earphones are not allowed. The interior is impressive; shelves filled with intricately designed tea cups and soft light pouring in from the stained glass windows make this place a visual destination in addition to the coffee and music.

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Cafe Cadenza

This classical music cafe (meikyoku kissaten) is the perfect spot for those who would like to enjoy classical music and coffee, along with food and other beverages. They feature live music from time to time, with more information found on their website. Photos found on TripAdvisor

Sight in Tokyo


This meikyoku kissaten(classical music cafe), is located in a fairly residential are. They serve desserts as well as meals.

Sight in Tokyo


This cafe is one of the few remaining Meikyoku Kissatens (Classical Music Cafe) left in Tokyo. Come for some nice music and flavorful coffee! Photos found on GoogleMaps

Sight in Tokyo


This store opened on Christmas Eve in 1974, and is the embodiment of the Meikyoku Kissatens, with vintage Tannoy and Vitavox speakers that compliment the music beautifully. It is a smoke-free environment and conversation is prohibited. Requests are made by filling out a card, so keep a song in mind before your visit!

Sight in Tokyo


This cafe is located just 5-minutes from Koenji Station, and in inconspicuous find. The Renaissance is also a 'meikyoku kissaten', which means classical music cafe. The area is quite spacious and there are more than 30 seats to choose from. Before your visit, keep in mind that the use of cameras and mobile phones are prohibited here. Photos found on Matcha-Jp

Sight in Tokyo

Cafe de L’ambre

Cafe de L'ambre is a quiet shop that has been around since 1948. It is run but 103 year old Ichiro Sekiguchi, faithfully keeping tradition with the traditional cafe interior furnishing, while making new and unique coffee recipes, continually perfecting their coffee menu. Their materials, were all custom made since the very beginning to give an individual and singular experience. Order something out of the ordinary on your next visit! Find an interview with the owner Mr. Sekiguchi at https://tokyocoffee.org/2016/05/29/cafe-de-lambre/ Photos found on Tokyo Coffee

Sight in Tokyo


Nelkin is a quaint little cafe that opened in 1955 and has been gracefully looked after by the graceful Fumiko Suzuki for over 60 years. The word Nelkin translates to carnation in German which is why you will see that beautiful flower resting in a vase on every table. From their vibrantly red velvet booths to the golden framed paintings that decorate the wall, this space exudes a warm ambience that will make anyone want to relax and open a book. Photos found on Google Maps

Sight in Tokyo


Mignon has a collection of vinyls that rival even Lion’s, with 5,000 records stacked neatly into the shelves that cover the wall, it is truly a sight to behold. It holds live performances a few times a month. Inside the shop, are small tables neatly adjacent to each other and French style decor set a nice tone to the space. The beautiful and ornately designed grand piano is a must see for your next visit. Photos found on their website.

Sight in Tokyo

Café le Violon

Located in the jazz hub of Tokyo of Asagaya, this cafe a haven for all speaker lovers. Their impressive wide array of speakers are built into a pit below the floor. The wall behind them is arched and provides an all encompassing sound. Pictures found on good coffee.me

Sight in Tokyo


Lion is the oldest and most famous of the meiyoku kissatens of Tokyo. The cafe opened in 1926 but was destroyed during World War II. However, it was completely rebuilt in 1950. This beautiful cafe takes you back in time to the Showa era of Japan, with beautiful velvet seating and antique furnishings that juxtapose the array of salarymen quietly tapping away on their laptops. Photos found on Foursquare

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Sight in Tokyo

Koiwa Bush Bash

Bush Bash is a music venue, natural foods restaurant, and record shop in Koiwa, Tokyo.

Sight in Kanagawa

El Puente

El Puente is a Spanish restaurant/bar and concert space in Yokohama.

Sight in Aichi

Huck Finn

Huck Finn is a rock music venue in Nagoya, established in 1981.

Sight in Shizuoka


So-Gen is a small music venue for rock concerts in Shizuoka.

Sight in Fukuoka

Taguchi Shoten

Taguchi Shoten is the oldest used music store in Kyushu and includes thousands of offerings in every genre.

Sight in Saitama

Chichibu Ladder Ladder

Chichibu Ladder Ladder is a music venue and rock club in Saitama.

Sight in Tokyo


Earthdom is a music venue for punk and metal concerts in Shin-Okubo, Tokyo.

Sight in Tokyo

Sound Bar Pure's

Sound Bar Pure's is an underground bar in West Asakusa. The closest station is Tawaramachi on the Ginza metro line.

Sight in Tokyo

RARE (Koenji)

Rare is a record and CD shop chain in Tokyo.

Sight in Hyogo

Takarazuka Revue

Takarazuka is a female music theater group playing Western-style musicals and Japanese folk stories.

Sight in Tokyo


This record shop in Shimokitazawa specializes mainly in new and second-hand CDs. The shop is well stocked with numerous genres from rock, jazz and pop all the w