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Plaza Shibuya

Newly renovated in spring of 2019, the Plaza store has all of the latest trending cosmetics, tech accessories, stationery, snacks and more. Located conveniently on the basement floor of Shibuya 109.

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Boudoir is a bilingual salon that offers facials, waxing, and mani-pedis. They have a very simple and understandable website that English speaking customers can really appreciate.

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Socie not only operates spa clinics, but also hair salons, pressurized sports, bridal, as well as eye treatments. Before your treatment, they will ask you about your physical health and your mental health, which is a nice change from the usual consultation.

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Elleseine Aoyama

Elleseine Aoyama helps to relieve puffy and bloated faces! This salon is cheaper for new timers compared to other beauty salons. Other treatments include face slimming and hair removal, be sure to check out their website for more information.

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Ci:z Labo Ebisu

Ci:z Labo is not just about facial care, but also includes medical care. That means that their doctors will base all of their treatments on how to improve your overall health, and not just your skin.

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Miss Paris Jiyugaoka

Miss Paris features a full body foam massage on the front page of their website! You can choose different facial treatments such as aging care and acne scar treatment, face slimming, ect. Miss Paris also offers those coveted gold facials on that you see on tv, using 100% pure gold to brighten and revitalize your face.

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Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic Shibuya

Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic has over 100 locations in which first time customers can get their treatments for 3,000 to 5,000 yen!

Article by Elsda Li

Spa-ntaneous Spa Day In Japan!

When was the last time you took care of your face? Often traveling to a new country can be so exciting and tiring, that we can forget to take care of our face or body and end up plopping onto the bed right when you get back to your hotel room. It is important to remember to breathe and to take a day apart from all that adventuring to treat yourself🧖🏻‍♀️.

Article by Tokyo Creative

Why the Newest Muji Ginza and Hotel is a Must See Spot in Tokyo - Part 2

MUJI in Ginza has outdone itself! Check out our favorite additions in Part 2 of our MUJI journey!

Sight in Oita

Beppu Beach Sand Bath Municipal Hot Springs

Visitors to this beachfront "sand bath" are each covered with copious amounts of hot sand. Opening hours vary according to the season.

Sight in Shizuoka

Harisu Public Footbath

A free footbath open to the public, the waters flowing from the area's hot springs are said to soothe and relax tired and sore feet. The baths are enclosed by a

Sight in Kagoshima

Ibusuki Natural Sand Bath Center Saraku

Saraku is a special sand bath on the coast of Ibusuki in Kagoshima, Kyushu.

Sight in Kanagawa

Nirai Kanai

Nirai Kanai is a foot and body massage studio specializing in reflexology, located in Yokohama's Chinatown.

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Lush is a cosmetics shop, originally from the UK, that sells handmade, organic soaps, shampoos, bath bombs and more.

Sight in Tokyo

Acumiho Tokyo

Acumiho Tokyo is an acupuncture and moxibustion center located south of Shibuya station.

Sight in Okinawa

Bade Haus Kumejima

Bade Haus Kumemjima is a spa and restaurant on Ojima Island just off the Kumejima Island's east coast.

Sight in Okinawa


Arjyna is a reflexology studio just off of Kokusai-dori street, West of Makishi station. Arjyna's main studio is located just South of Oroku station, and there

Sight in Miyazaki

Seagaia Resort

Seagaia Resort is an area with hotels, spas, restaurants and offers outdoor activity opportunities.

Sight in Osaka

Refresh Hands

Refresh Hands is a spa and massage shop with several locations all over the Kansai and Kanto areas. This particular branch is located on Namba Walk's 1st Avenue

Sight in Aomori

WeSpa Tsubakiyama

WeSpa Tsubakiyama, located next to the station of the same name, is a resort complex with many outdoor activities and is ideally located to visit Juniko or the

Sight in Hyogo

Kobe Sauna & Spa

Kobe Sauna & Spa is an outdoor foot spa.

Sight in Tokyo

Elana Jade

Elana Jade is a spa that offers organic treatments such as peeling facial, hot stone massage and brazilian wax with English speaking staff.

Sight in Tokyo

Eclat Daikanyama

Eclat Daikanyama is a hair salon which provides hair spa, nail care and make-up services as well as kimono fitting.

Sight in Kanagawa

Enospa (Enoshima Spa Resort)

Enospa is a spa resort on Enoshima Island where you will find hot springs, a pool, sauna, steam room, massage room, and a restaurant.