Sight in Tokyo

Plaza Shibuya

Newly renovated in spring of 2019, the Plaza store has all of the latest trending cosmetics, tech accessories, stationery, snacks and more. Located conveniently on the basement floor of Shibuya 109.

Sight in Tokyo

Chicago Harajuku Omotesando

Accenting the store front is a giant CHICAGO neon sign that is very hard to miss. It is a part of many branches but this one is said to be the largest and the best. They carry many unique things such as wedding dresses to even rare kimonos!

Sight in Tokyo


This shop sells mainly women's apparel ranging from lacy intimates to accented accessories. The interior of the shop is very stylized and romantic and the same can be said for their collection. While their clothes are on the more expensive side, the quality is top notch and truly antiques. Come by just to take a look or to add something new to your collection.

Sight in Tokyo

Kinji Used Clothing

This thrift shop is located in Harajuku, one of the fashion spotlights in Tokyo. You will see all types of people there with various styles, from goth to lolita. Kinji is the place where those clothes go to to find a new home. Thats makes this store have one of the widest range of clothings for a thrift shop. Instagram: @kinji_harajuku Photos taken from their website.

Sight in Tokyo

BINGO Shibuya Center St.

Bingo is located in the BookOff building which is the largest bookstore that sells secondhand books for a very cheap price. Bingo sells around 20,000 pieces of preowned apparel including accessories and bags,ect. This venue is very big, so I suggest having an idea of what you want to by before your visit. You can find the clothing section on the basement floor under the 3 floors of books, CDs, and DVDs. For information on how to sell your items please visit the website. Photos from BookOff

Sight in Tokyo

Nude Trump

Nude Trump is about at crazy as the name sounds! The apparel, while not the best quality, are very colorful and unique. They sell trinkets, toys, and accessories, that are probably studded, or covered in feathers. Same applies to their clothing, as you will see neon, loud, and sparkly colors on most of their things! This place is not just a shopping destination but just a nice way to spend an afternoon. The crazy fashionista Hayao Matsumura started this shop in the late 80s and it has been a go to destination for those dedicated customers who prefer the extreme side of fashion! Twitter: @NUDETRUMP_TOKYO Images from their Twitter.

Sight in Tokyo


BOY in Shibuya City is a hidden gem that sells old school Japanese fashion brands. Upon entering the store you will hear alternative and grunge music playing, with a lot of their clothing having some kind of connection to music. The decor in the space is very stylized and interesting, kind of like someone’s personal closet. Their tops start at around 2000 yen(~$20), so it won’t drain your wallet too much. In addition to secondhand clothes, they also sell CDs! Twitter handle:@boyfandm Photos found on their Twitter page.

Sight in Tokyo

New York Joe Exchange

New York Joe Exchange is an amazing thrift store because you can actually bring your used clothing and they will buy it from you for cash for 30% of their resell price.

Sight in Tokyo

Stick Out

Stick Out is is a fashion favorite as you know exactly what to expect before you go there. Everything is 700 yen (~$7)! They carry a wide variety of clothes of all different styles. The selection is so huge that it could take a whole afternoon just to find something, but the gratification of finding that one piece you love makes the search worthwhile. Check out their selection beforehand on their insta! (@stickout700store) Photos taken from their website and Instagram Page

Sight in Tokyo

2nd Street

2nd Street is located in Koenji, where some of the best thrift stores live. While there are other locations, I recommend this shop simply because there are so many other thrift stores next to it to explore in case you don’t find anything. This area has a whole street lined with secondhand clothing stores. 2nd Street is the large 2 floored building among them, you won’t miss it. If you dig deep you will find brands like Converse, Supreme, and Champion. Be warned that the men’s shoe section is very expensive compared to what you can find oversees, but still cheaper than a retailers of course. Check out their instagram(@2ndstreet_official) to get a better idea of what styles they carry. Photos found on their website.

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Sight in Tokyo

Fred Segal Woman

Fred Segal Woman is a stylish clothing and miscellaneous shop located inside the Log Road Daikanyama mall.

Sight in Tokyo

Fred Segal Man

Fred Segal Man is a clothing and miscellaneous shop located inside the Log Road Daikanyama mall.

Sight in Tokyo


Elm is a vintage clothing shop in Kichijoji, west of Tokyo.

Sight in Tokyo


Specializing in second-hand designer clothes, this branch of vintage store Ragtag spans three stories. The first floor is devoted to street wear. Japanese finds

Sight in Fukuoka


Nepenthes is a designer fashion boutique, carrying mens', women's and unisex clothing.

Sight in Hokkaido

Museum Store

Located a few paces from Odori Park, this shop specializes in brands from Hokkaido. All products sold at Museum Store are by Hokkaido-based designers and were p

Sight in Tokyo

Toll Free

Toll Free is a vintage clothing store in Nakameguro.

Sight in Tokyo

Blue Blue

Blue Blue is a small boutique located in Nakameguro.

Sight in Tokyo

Nigel Cabourn The Army Gym Japan Flagship Store

The Army Gym is Nigel Cabourn's flagship store in Japan and is located in Nakameguro.

Sight in Tokyo


1LDK is a clothing and homeware store located in Nakameguro.

Sight in Tokyo


Wism is a fashion boutique and gift shop in Shibuya.

Sight in Tokyo


Outbound is an arts and crafts store located in Kichijoji.

Sight in Tokyo

A.P.C. Harajuku Underground

A.P.C is a French prêt-à-porter clothing brand with several locations in Tokyo. Their flagship store is in Paris and this particular branch can be found in Hara

Sight in Tokyo

GU (Shibuya)

GU is a casual wear shop and a branch of famous discount fashion brand Uniqlo. .

Sight in Kyoto

Gallery 110

Gallery 110 is a clothing fashion gallery located in Kyoto City.

Sight in Chiba

Hasegawa Kimono Shop

Hasegawa is a traditional Japanese clothing shop selling kimono, yukata, and accessories.

Sight in Nara


TEEPE is an accessories shop that sells handmade silver accessories and leather goods. The store also does repairs and takes customised orders.

Sight in Nara


Jubee is an accessory store in Nara that sells accessories made from glass such as beads and jewellery.

Sight in Nagasaki

Fundoshi Select Shop Teraya

Located near O-Urakaigandori Station in Nagasaki, this little independent store specializes in fundoshi, traditional men's underwear, as well as a variety of ot

Sight in Nagasaki


Marimekko is a Finnish designer known for colourful and original prints. This is the company's store in Nagasaki City that stocks a range of products such as ha

Sight in Tokyo


This second-hand shop sells high-quality and vintage clothing from Japan and abroad. The area is known for its second-hand shops and trendy small boutiques. The

Sight in Tokyo


Crime is a clothing store in Shimokitazawa that sells street style and skater clothing.

Sight in Osaka

Saturdays Surf NYC (Osaka)

Saturdays Surf NYC has a cafe on the first floor, and clothing, shoes and accessories on the second floor.

Sight in Okinawa

Mango House

Mango House is an Okinawan shop on Kokusai-dori Street that specializes in Okinawan style aloha shirts.

Sight in Tokyo


Undercover is a fashion label by Japanese designer, Jun Takahashi.