Sight in Shizuoka

Dogashima Marine

Located along the stunning Nishi Izu coastline, Dogashima Marine offers a number of cruise options to allow visitors to explore the nearby emerald waters and caves.

Sight in Tokyo

Totti Candy Factory Shop

Harajuku's most instagram worthy dessert, the rainbow tiered cotton candy! 😍

Sight in Tokyo

teamLab Borderless

Opened in June 21st, 2018, enter into the three-dimensional digital art experience that everyone is talking about. Located in Odaiba, this permanent exhibition is a must see attraction where the 10,000 square meter space is transformed into a digital art playground of lights, sound, projectors and more!

Sight in Tokyo

Ginza LoFT

Japan's #1 lifestyle goods store opens its new store in Ginza. Just a few steps away from MUJI Ginza!

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The “Hippest” Buddha Statue Everyone Is Wanting to Get a Shot of 📸

He's called "Daibutsu with sunglasses" and you'll know why. 😎

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A New Tiffany & Co. Concept Store Opens in Harajuku: Home to 1 of 2 Tiffany Cafes in the World!

Tiffany & Co. and Harajuku have teamed up on a new concept store called Tiffany @ Cat Street!

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Why the Newest Muji Ginza and Hotel is a Must See Spot in Tokyo Part 3

Part 3 of our last series covering everything on MUJI Ginza! Sharing why MUJI Diner is a must try along with why it's worthwhile to stay at MUJI Hotel Ginza.

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We head to LUSH Harajuku's LUSH LABS — the first concept store of its kind

2 floors dedicated to those fizzy and colorful bath bombs. A bath bomb lovers dream come true! 🛁

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Why the Newest Muji Ginza and Hotel is a Must See Spot in Tokyo - Part 2

MUJI in Ginza has outdone itself! Check out our favorite additions in Part 2 of our MUJI journey!

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Why the Newest MUJI Ginza and Hotel is a Must See Spot in Tokyo Part 1

Sharing with you part one of our in depth feature of MUJI Ginza the flagship store taking over central Tokyo!

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Move Over Cherry Blossom Trees, There’s a New Flower Causing A Lot of Buzz in Japan

Take that picture perfect shot in a sea of blue nemophila flowers at the Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki prefecture.

Sight in Akita

Lake Tazawa-ko Sightseeing Boats

Lake Tazawa-ko Sightseeing Boats offer a 40-min tour around Lake Tazawa-ko.

Sight in Miyagi

Marubun Matsushima Kisen Sightseeing Cruises

Marubun Matsushima Kisen Co. Ltd. offer several different sightseeing cruises around Matsushima Bay.

Sight in Miyagi

Matsushima Bay Pleasure Boat Port

Matsushima Bay is famous for its picturesque scenery created by the approximately 260 pine-clad islands and is listed as one of the "Three Views of Japan", alon

Sight in Shizuoka

Mount Warusawa

The highest peak of the three Arakawa Mountains, this summit boasts a height of 3,141 meters and is Japan's 6th highest mountain. Sometimes also called Mount Ar

Sight in Osaka

Hamadera Park

Hamadera Park, located in Sakai, features many facilities including a pool, rose garden, tennis courts and baseball field among others.

Sight in Shimane

Rosokujima (Candle Island)

This small island rock is a sea stack that resembles the shape of a candle. When the setting sun rests on its peak, it looks like a candle was lit. Visitors can

Sight in Okayama


This city located in Okayama Prefecture contains a preserved canal area from the Edo era. Now, there are museums, shops, and exhibition in the former storehouse

Sight in Nara

Tanize Suspension Bridge

Tanize Suspension Bridge is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Japan.

Sight in Nara

Doro Hotel

This facility no longer functions as a hotel but is a prime spot to enjoy a view of the neighboring Dorokyo Gorge.

Sight in Nara

Myojin Pond

Said to be home to a dragon, Myojin Pond is in Shinokirayama village in remote south Nara.

Sight in Nara


With a layout based on a tight grid, Imai Town is a little encapsulated pocket of time showing authentic classical Edo residential architecture.

Sight in Saga

Nabeshima Domain Kiln Park

Nabeshima Domain Kiln Park is dedicated to the history and culture of Imari porcelain.

Sight in Saga


Okawachiyama, located in Imari, is an area which used to house many kilns and porcelain factories.

Sight in Saga

Mifuneyama Rakuen

Mifuneyama Rakuen is a large Japanese garden with autumn leaves in the fall as well as rhododendron and cherry blossoms in the spring. The garden is often open

Sight in Saga

Tombai Wall Back Alley

Tombai Walls are made from firebrick scraps and pottery pieces, which were dumped in large quantities in neighboring porcelain factories.

Sight in Kumamoto

Laputa's Road

Laputa's Road, or Laputa-no-Michi, offers a beautiful view of Mount Aso and its surroundings. The road is named after the Ghibli movie "Castle in the Sky".

Sight in Kumamoto

Tsujun Bridge

Tsujun Bridge, also called Tsujunkyo, is the largest aqueduct in Japan.

Sight in Oita

Lake Kinrin

Lake Kinrin, also known as Kinrin-ko, has both cold and hot water springing from the bottom.

Sight in Kumamoto

Sakuranobaba Josaien

Sakuranobaba Josaien, located at the foot of Kumamoto Castle, is a tourist facility dedicated to the history, culture and food culture of Kumamoto. The facility

Sight in Kumamoto

Shakainmisaka Yuhodo (Promenade) 3,333 stone steps

Longest flight of Stone Steps in Japan with a total of 3,333 steps, and an annual event in November where participants challenge to climb them all "Attack The N

Sight in Saga

Ninja Village Hizen Yumekaido

The Ninja Village is a recreation of the Nagasaki Kaido from the Edo Period, includes a Ninja Show, and Daidogei (street performances)- has sign boards in Engli

Sight in Saga

Terraced Rice Fields of Hamanoura

In 1999, the rice terrace fields located at Hamanoura were selected as one of the Top 100 Terraced Paddy Fields in Japan. Facing the Genkai Sea, these fields be

Sight in Chiba

Nojimazaki Lighthouse

Nojimazaki Lighthouse is a lighthouse located at the southern tip of the Boso Peninsula, in the city of Minamiboso, Chiba Prefecture Japan. This lighthouse was

Sight in Chiba

Tateyama Castle

Tateyama Castle is a Japanese castle located in Tateyama, southern Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

Sight in Saga

Karatsu Castle

This castle was built in 1608 by Terazawa Hirotaka, of the Karatsu Domain and the present castle keep tower was built in 1966 to represent the original. Famous

Sight in Kagawa

Marugame Castle

Marugame Castle, built in 1597, was the center of power of the Sanuki area.