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Fukui Food Guide

Saba no HeshikoWhat makes Saba no Heshiko is that, rather than being dried regularly, the fish is actually pickled in “Nuka” or rice bran. Nuka is the shavings

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Fukui Access Guide

Getting to Fukui is relatively easy, and there are two ways to get to the prefecture by train from the Tokyo Area. Depending on where you want to visit before o

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Fukui 1-day-tour Itinerary

Fukui is relatively small, and many of the points of interest are close by. Unfortunately, some of those points may be a bit far from public transportation, so

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The Best Times to Visit Fukui

Echizen Historic Pageant in SpringThe Echizen Pageant is a festival that is held every year in order to celebrate Fukui’s culture and important historical figur

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First Time in Fukui

Photo Cred: Flickr user Pyonko [email protected]/5799941068/The Tojinbo Cliffs Fukui is characterized by its rocky shores, and the Tojinbo Cliffs are Fukui’s most f

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Shingu Shrine Autumn Festival - Takahama

Tucked away from the loud, fun, sun and sand times at Wakasa Wada Beach in Takahama, Fukui Prefecture is a small Shinto Shrine that is over 870 years old. Shing

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Isaribisou - Takahama Candle Illumination Festival

The summer is filled with innumerable festivals, both big and small, far and wide. The same holds true for even the smallest of towns.Wakasa Takahama Isaribiso

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Where are you Swimming this Summer?

Summer is finally on it's way and our search for the perfect family friendly beach to spend the coming hot summer afternoons has also started. Here are two grea