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With a nationally famous baseball team, two coasts on two different seas, and a high-class type of beef named after its capital, Hyogo is a prefecture of many talents. When travelling the Kansai area, Hyogo should definitely be a must-see on your itinerary.

Originally part of 5 other provinces, Hyogo is now one of Kansai’s major prefectures with a large steel production industry, and a bustling port known as Kobe. After the 1995 Earthquake that struck the Kansai area, centered in Hyogo, Kobe was restructured and modernized into the powerhouse that it is today. About a thousand years ago, the Emperor lived in Hyogo for about 5 months too!

There is also a huge sports culture surrounding baseball on the high school and professional levels. The nationally famous Koshien stadium is in Kobe, where the Japanese High School Baseball Championship (Known as, of course, Koshien) is held. It also holds the national American College American Football championships as well. Ever heard of Hanshin Tigers? Their hometown is Hyogo, and their home stadium? Koshien, of course. If you’re a fan of Baseball, or Football, or even Rugby, Kobe is a point of interest.

Want to get your grub on? Hyogo is definitely the place, especially if you are in to foods that you wouldn’t find outside of Japan. Oden, Sobameshi, Akashiyaki, and Butaman are all foods from Hyogo that are also popular all around Japan. Oden and Butaman are especially delicious on those cold winter nights, when you want to warm up with a filling meal. And of course, we can’t forget about the king of beefs: Kobe Beef.

And of course, the sights. Himeji Castle, Japan’s most frequently visited castle, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is in Himeji, Hyogo. If you’re into onsen, Kinosaki Onsen is a Onsen town lined with places to stay and public bath houses, and is one of Japan’s most famous onsen destinations. The Takeda castle ruins are also known as “The Castle in the Sky”, and is especially beautiful when there are clouds surrounding it.

Places to visit in Hyogo

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Popular Sights in Hyogo

Sight in Hyogo

Himeji Castle

A short walk north of Himeji Station, this castle is located on top of a hill. It is one of the best examples of early 17th-century Japanese castle architecture

Sight in Hyogo

Arima Onsen Hot Spring Town

Arima Onsen is a hot spring town in the North of Kobe, located right by the Arimaonsen Station.

Sight in Hyogo

Kobe Chinatown (Nankinmachi)

Nankinmachi is the compact chinatown of central Kobe and a center for the Chinese community in the Kansai Region.

Sight in Hyogo

Koko-en Garden

Koko-en is a garden located close to Himeji Castle in Hyogo.

Sight in Hyogo

Kobe Harborland

Kobe Harborland features an array of large-scale commercial sites, from department stores, superstores, and speciality shops to hotels.

Sight in Hyogo

Steakland Kobe

This Kobe​ beef restaurant is located near the bustling Kobe-Sannomiya station and is the main shop of this chain restaurant. Steakland Kobe features a large me

Recently Added Sights in Hyogo

Sight in Hyogo

Hello Kitty Smile Awaji Island

Heading to Hyogo prefecture? Well make sure to make a pit stop at Hello Kitty Smile, a complex featuring fine dining restaurants to art galleries and more, all Hello Kitty themed 😻

Sight in Hyogo

Kinosaki Onsen

Kinosaki Onsen is a 1300 year-old hot spring town located in the Kansai area, famous for its fine water quality.

Sight in Hyogo

Cafe Maaru

Doubling as a massage therapy salon and a cafe, this spot features organic vegetarian and vegan dishes. The cafe and salon have different operating hours as the

Sight in Hyogo

Snoopy Town Shop (Itami)

This toy shop specializes in goods from the popular American comic Peanuts. Snoopy is a very iconic character and became popular in Japan around the 1970s. The

Sight in Hyogo

Taiko No Yu Onsen Hot Spring

This hot spring is part of the Arima View hotel and features a variety of indoor and outdoor baths with both of Arima's waters, the kinsen (gold water) and gins

Sight in Hyogo

Kisshokichi (Sannomiya)

This steakhouse specializes in Kobe beef dishes. This type of beef comes from the Tajima cow, chosen under very strict standards set by the Kobe Meat Promotion

Recent Articles

Article by Roland Vogt

Mount Shosha Engyoji Temple

Mount Shosha (書写 山) is home to the Engyoji Temple 円 教 寺, a temple that is more than 1000 years old. Shosha is located just outside of Himeji city, and it's all

Article by Caitlin Frunks

Travel Around the World Without Leaving Japan

 A nursing home for the elderly & the handicapped sits adjacent to a run down replica of the Great Wall of China. Welcome to Taiyo Park.  Located in Himeji

Hotels in Hyogo

Hotel in Hyogo


Tomiya offers accommodation in Yumura, and features a reserved private hot spring bath at a fee. Each room at this ryokan is air conditioned and is fitted with

Hotel in Hyogo

Porto Di Mare (Adult Only)

Designed for adults only, Porto Di Mare is a love hotel situated in Himeji, 5 km from Himeji Castle. Free private parking is available on site. A flat-screen T

Hotel in Hyogo

Hotel Ritz Koshien

Hotel Ritz Koshien offers accommodation in Nishinomiya. Each room at this hotel is air conditioned and is fitted with a flat-screen TV and blu-ray player. You

Hotel in Hyogo

Carneval (Adult Only)

Designed for adults only, the love hotel Carneval is situated in Himeji, 1.8 km from Himeji Castle. The love hotel features air-conditioned rooms and free priva

Hotel in Hyogo

Arima Gyoen

Conveniently located in the centre of Arima Onsen District, Arima Gyoen features spacious Japanese-style guestrooms with futon bedding and tatami (woven straw)

Hotel in Hyogo

Hazu Bekkan

Featuring free WiFi and a hot spring bath, Hazu Bekkan offers accommodation in Ono. Free private parking is available on site. Every room at this ryokan is air


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