Article by Tokyo Creative

Shimanto City: Your Escape to the Southern Islands of Japan

Interested in taking a break from the city? Well, this is your chance to live and travel like a true local to the town of Shimanto. Only a little bit south from Kochi Prefecture, Shimanto City is the escape from the city that you’ve been longing for!

Article by Tokyo Creative

The Udon Taxi: Japan's Only Underrated Form of Transport

The country that is home to some of the fastest trains in the world and rated by travelers to have one of the most convenient transport systems in the world, Japan’s decision to up the ante by introducing a new form of travel may change the game entirely: the Udon Taxi.

Article by Tokyo Creative

Shodoshima: Be Your Best Artistic Self

If you’re in Japan for its art and cultural beauty, then your preparation for this year’s Setouchi Triennale Art Festival has already begun! For your Ghibli fix and views that easily contest the Mediterranean, Shodoshima is the only place to be.

Article by Travelling Firefly

Naoshima: the Japanese Island with a Difference

Between the main island of Japan, Honshu and the smaller island of Shikoku some 27 islands dot the area known as the Seto Inland Sea. Of these islands, Naoshima