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About Monobegawa

Located in Kochi Prefecture, the Monobegawa area (named after the Monobe river) is a hidden gem which is definitely worth a visit on your next trip to Shikoku. The residents of Monobegawa have a strong connection to their cultural heritage, which becomes evident when you visit in person. The location and slow current of the river make it an ideal spot for those wishing to take in some of the beautiful nature on offer at their own pace. Along the river, there are a number of enjoyable activities and unique cafes surrounded by nature, making it an ideal destination for a well-earned break from city life.

Sights in Monobegawa

Sight in Kochi

Nishijima Horticulture Park

Nishijima Horticulture Park is a fruit farm where you can enjoy melon and watermelon all year around, and from January to June you can even try strawberry picki

Sight in Kochi

Tei-ko Kadokyo Bridge

This famous bridge is set within a 350 year old port located along Yasu-cho’s coastline in Konan City. It is located about 18km away from Katsura beach, towards

Sight in Kochi


Who is Ekin? The Ekingura museum contains artworks from the artist Ekin. Ekin is short for Eshi Kinzō, or Kinzō the Painter (1812-1876). Kinzō was originally a

Sight in Kochi

Takagi Brewery

Takagi brewery is located in the town of Akaoka, famous for its Dorome and Ekin Festivals. The fifth head brewer uses local Kochi ingredients to brew sake with

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Bentenza is a popular Kabuki venue in Akaoka-cho, Kounan-shi. Kabuki is a form of Japanese theatre, combining a rich blend of music, dance, mime, spectacular st

Sight in Kochi

Okawakamibirafu Shrine

Built around 1,500 years ago and known locally as "Kawakami-sama", this shrine is located close to the museum of popular cartoon, Anpanman. Ampanman’s author Ta

Sight in Kochi

Yasea Park

This beautiful beach boasts clear water and fine sand and was selected as one of the ‘hundred good beaches’ by the Ministry of the Environment. Very family frie

Sight in Kochi

Yanase Takashi Memorial Hall / Anpanman Museum

This museum was established in 1996 and displays the creative works of Takashi Yanase, creator of popular Japanese animation, ‘Anpanman’. It features the Anpanm

Sight in Kochi

Tosa Kuroshio Railway Gomen-Nahari Line

A train line which you can take from Gomen station and all the way to the Nahari station which has opened a new deck allows people to see a beautiful view of Mo

Sight in Kochi

Noichi Zoological Park

A public zoo in Konan City, Kochi Prefecture. Animals in the park are kept in an environment which resembles that of their natural habitat. The zoo is divided i

Sight in Kochi

ACT Land

ACT Land is a theme park which features a wax museum based upon the life of Ryoma Sakamoto and the World Model Car Museum. ACT stands for art, culture and te

Sight in Kochi

Kōchi Prefectural Museum of History

Opening in 1991, this museum promotes the study, collection, display, and preservation of the historical, archaeological and folk objects. It is located in t