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While often overlooked due to its more popular neighbors like Osaka, Kyoto and Nagoya, Mie prefecture offers a unique cultural experience for those who visit. B



Okayama prefecture is situated along the Seto inland sea across from Shikoku. Just 15 minutes outside the capital city, visitors can enjoy the preserved old can



With a nationally famous baseball team, two coasts on two different seas, and a high-class type of beef named after its capital, Hyogo is a prefecture of many t



There’s a reason why over 10 million people visit Okinawa every year – Japan's southernmost island is a natural wonder, with pristine beaches, friendly people a



Ehime is home to Dogo Onsen, one of Japan's oldest hot springs with a history going back almost 1,000 years. In the loosely auto-biographical novel **Botchan**,



If you're a nature person, you’ll fall in love with Ibaraki, a scenic coastal prefecture northeast of Tokyo. With up to 15% of its land area dedicated to natura

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Oita is sometimes called the “Nara of the West”. It is located in the northeast of Kyushu and is best known for the city of Beppu which has more onsen (hot spri



With a nationally famous baseball team, two coasts on two different seas, and a high-class type of beef named after its capital, Hyogo is a prefecture of many t



Aomori prefecture is surrounded by the sea and boasts amazing natural beauty and opportunity for outdoor adventures. It is the home of Lake Towada, the Hakkoda



Niigata prefecture has a long coastline facing the sea of Japan, because of this it was a critical port area during the Edo period in the 17th and 18th centurie



Miyazaki prefecture is on the southeastern side of Kyushu and is known for its majestic mountains and rugged coastal scenery. Surfing has grown in popularity he



Tochigi is famed for its onsen (hot springs), ski resorts and large natural parks. Approximately 21% of the prefecture is designated as parks. Its capital, Utsu



If your idea of a perfect vacation involves majestic forests, clear blue lakes, pillowy powder snow, and amazing, farm-fresh food, Hokkaido is an absolute dream



Iwate is the prefecture with the largest landmass in Japan. It is on the Pacific coast in the northern Tohoku region. The capital city Morioka is famous for its



Famous for its gorgeous mountains and luxurious onsens (hot springs) Gunma is a nature lover's delight. Maebashi City, home to many parks and flower gardens, is

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Japan is comprised of 47 prefectures within 8 regions: Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu-Okinawa. Each prefecture boasts unique local customs, delicacies, attractions and natural beauty that we can't wait to tell you all about. Please click on a prefecture's title to learn what it has to offer.

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Neighborhood in Kyoto

Site of Nijo Castle

Nijojo is the palace for shogun in Kyoto. This palace was built in 1603, and is also known as Nijo Castle. The high walls, and lengthy ditches symbolize the pow

Neighborhood in Osaka


Kyobashi is in the east of the Umeda area of Osaka. It connects Miyakojima Ward with Chuo Ward and is an area with high passenger volumes. JR Railways, Keihan R

Neighborhood in Hyogo


Himeji, the second largest city in Hyogo Prefecture after Kobe, is most famous for its UNESCO World Heritage castle, which is a beautiful example of feudal arch

Neighborhood in Tokyo


Harajuku, which is between Shinjuku and Shibuya, it is also known as a ‘teen’ street. However, the style of Harajuku is even more bizarre than that seen in Shib

Neighborhood in Osaka


Namba is a bustling civilian district. There is easy access with the terminus of many railways including NANKAI Railway and Kintetsu Namba Line. There are also

Neighborhood in Tokyo


Koenji is a comfortable residential area, well-known for small bars and live music. When walking the shopping streets of Koenji, you will find snacks, vegetable

Neighborhood in Okinawa


Cape Manzamo, located on the western coast, is one of the best scenic attractions on the Okinawa Islands. Visitors can indulge in the love story of the movie ‘O

Neighborhood in Tochigi


Mooka city produces over 9,000 tons of strawberries annually, but also has sizable exports of melons, pears, grapes and rice. Traditionally, Mooka was known for

Neighborhood in Nagano


Karuizawa is a popular resort spot for people from Tokyo. Though famous as an escape in summer when the city is too hot, spring cherry blossoms, fall foliage, a