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Iga City

About Iga City

Iga City, located in Northern Mie Prefecture is primarily known for its rich history of ninja traditions and practices. Historically home to one of the two main ninja schools, Iga ninjas used the local mountains and forests to train in the art of ‘Ninjitsu’. Often mistaken as a martial art, Ninjitsu was actually an independent discipline which placed a much larger emphasis on espionage, intelligence collection and stealth over simply combat. If you are looking for the ultimate ninja experience on your trip to Japan, it really doesn’t get much better than Iga, where you can take a tour of an authentic ninja house, watch a live action ninja show, see authentic ninja artefacts at the ninja museum and even eat the same meals and snacks that ninjas used to eat ….. did we mention Iga was famous for ninjas?

Sights in Iga City

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Ninja Henshin Dokoro

Within Iga Ueno, there are 8 'Ninja Henshin' shops where you can rent a ninja outfit for the day. Each has costumes for both adults and children and offer a number of different colors, including pink, red, black and navy.

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Danjiri Kaikan

Located next to Ueno park in Iga Ueno, Mie Prefecture, Danjiri Museum provides a wealth of information on the annual Ueno Tenjin Festival which is held each October in the City.

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Fujiissui is a ninja-themed restaurant which includes a recreation of a traditional ninja house. As well as being treated to delicious, healthy, local seasonal food, visitors can experience the traps and secret components which made ninja dwellings so fascinating.

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Iga Kaan Yamamoto

Iga Kaan Yamamoto is the oldest shop in Iga which sells katayaki, a traditional type of senbei (snack) that ninjas were said to carry as an emergency provision whilst on espionage missions.

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Ninja Museum of Igaryu

Tour a traditional style ninja house (complete with hidden features) and even experience a live ninja display show at this very unique museum.

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Otoki Touge

An area of stunning natural beauty where Tokugawa Ieyasu allegedly passed through this area with the aide of Iga and Koga ninjas as he returned to Okazaki, during the Honnoji War.

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Tejikara Shrine

Built in the late 13th century, Tejikara is an ancient shrine where famous samurai including, Nobunaga Oda and ninjas, including Fujibayashi Nagato, would pray before battle.

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Aekuni Shrine

Over 800 years ago, the Hattori Ninja family established a festival ('Kurondo Matsuri') at Aekuni shrine, where people would attend in all black 'ninja' attire.

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Akai Family Residence

Now used as a communal space and as a site for occasional small events, the Akai Family Residence is a renovated traditional samurai house that welcomes curious visitors.

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Fujiwara no Chikata Kutsu

Featuring in the 14th century Japanese epic novel 'Taiheiki', Fujiwara no Chikata Kutsu was the residence of the Fujiwara clan who proclaimed war upon the imperial court and was said to use the wrath of four demon deities to aid his cause and terrify oncoming forces.

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Murai Bankoen

A ninja themed cafe with a very special ambassador. Come to Murai Bankoen to sample their amazing green tea ice cream and meet Chacha, the ninja cat!