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About Iizuna

Located in the Kamiminochi District in Northen Nagano Prefecture, Iizuna is an awesome place for any traveler to Japan looking for some refreshing farmland scenery or something off the beaten path. Only a 30 minute drive away from Nagano City and a 20 minute drive away from Obuse City, there are many activities to do within this area including great ski resorts, hot springs, various hands-on experiences as well as some great food. Iizuna offers some terrific scenery and is a perfect getaway from the busy city life. Hot springs and snow activities make for an awesome combination that definitely put this area on the map making it a must in Nagano Prefecture.

Sights in Iizuna

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Iizuna Resort Ski Area

The Iizuna Resort Ski Area is located in the mountainous prefecture of Nagano. The resort is recommended for all skiing levels, even families with children, sin

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Sobadokoro Yokotei

A famous soba noodle restaurant in Iizuna where you can experience making buckwheat soba produced in Iizuna in a group of 4 - 5. You will be guided by a teacher

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Iizuna East plateau Organic Resort

A resort facility for both locals as well as tourists, where you can enjoy a variety of activities such as golf, tennis, paragliding, hot springs, fishing, camp

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Iizuna Apple Museum

IIzuna is quite famous for its apples and if you have the chance to venture out to this area, you will be able to witness all of the apple fields laid out acros

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St. Cousair Winery

As you enter this winery, you will be greeted by some terrific smelling salad dressing, pasta sauce, olive oil and jam. This winery has both a beautiful interio

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If you want to have a perfect view of peach trees, this site comes highly recommended. When the season is right, you can see upwards of 1,500 peach trees that s