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About Obuse

Located in northern Nagano Prefecture, Obuse-machi is en route to the famous Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park in Yamanochi-machi town. Obuse-machi is renown for its chestnuts, sake and other agricultural produce. A seventh-century temple, Zenko-ji Temple, sits in the center of the town. Obuse-machi is also famous for being home to the Japanese wood block artist Hokusai during the latter part of his life. Hokusai created the iconic Wave off the Coast at Kanagawa wood print. One local museum is dedicated to Hokusai's works. The town area was overhauled during the 1990s. Obuse-machi was a site for the Nagano 1998 Winter Olympics. The city's ice-skating rink was one of the venues at the time. Visitors can see exhibits of licensed products and the sports equipment actually used in the events. Other areas popular with tourists include city gardens and the main Omote-sando promenade. Here you can see a mix of traditional and modern architecture. Buildings along this street include galleries, mini-museums​ and souvenir shops.

Sights in Obuse

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Hokusai Museum

Located in a very cute area, this gorgeous museum is tucked away on a side street. There is a parking lot so if you are coming by car, you don't need to worry a

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Obuse Old Town

Obuse Old Town is filled with museums, galleries, shops, and cafes.

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Gansho-in Temple

Located about two kilometers from the old town area, this Buddhist Temple features the ceiling painting "Phoenix Staring in Eight Directions." It was painted by

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Takai Kozan Memorial Museum

This museum is located 8 minutes on foot from Obuse Station. Takai Kozan, one of Obuse’s wealthiest merchants, was a great supporter of the arts and humanities.

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The Obuse Museum

Located 12 minutes walking from Obuse Station. The Obuse Museum houses the works of local artist Nakajima Chinami, with over 1,000 of his works in the collectio

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Patisserie Rond-to

A French Patisserie in Obuse Town, located 8 minutes on foot from Obuse Station. Menu highlights include Mont Blanc, layer cakes filled with seasonal fruit jams

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Masuichi Ichimura Sake Brewery

This sake brewery is located a walking distance of about 9 minutes from Obuse Station. It has been in operation since the Edo period (1600-1868) and their best

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Kokuhei Miso Brewery

Established by a wealthy merchant family in 1784, this miso brewery produces an all-natural miso paste in accordance with traditional brewing methods. Without t

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Matsubaya Honten Sake Brewery

Boasting a history of over 200 years, this family-run sake brewery was founded in the Edo era (ca. 1600-1868). The characteristic building has become a town lan

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Obusedo Honten

This long-established chestnut confectionery store offers traditional chestnut sweets using the same original recipes since the Edo Period. Best-sellers include

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Sakurai Kanseido Honten Confectionary

This confectionary shop offers various Japanese-style sweets, many of them made with kuri (chestnut) and is located about 7 minutes from Obuse Station on foot.

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Just a 9-minute walk from Obuse Station, this restaurant offers various local dishes famous in Obuse. Some of the highlights on their menu include Kuri Anshiruk