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Sado Island

About Sado Island

Mention Sado Island, and August's internationally famous Earth Celebration event and related taiko drumming will likely spring to mind. But to dismiss the island the rest of the year is a great disservice. Nature lovers, history enthusiasts and fans of the performing arts will all find something of interest. The island sits in the Sea of Japan. Scuba diving is a popular activity, but for something more traditional, try paddling in a tub boat. Sado is buttressed by two mountain ranges. Both areas are popular with hikers. Sado's plains are awash with lilies during May and June, while budding ornithologists might be lucky enough to spot crested ibises and other rare birds. Mid-April is a good time to visit the island when rice planting and other colorful festivals take place. For those with an interest in Noh theater, Sado Island should definitely be on your itinerary. The island is famous for the artform, with performances and festivities running from April to October.

Sights in Sado Island

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Benten Rock

Benten Rock is located on the southwestern coast of Sado Island.

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Togeien is a pottery gallery and shop close to Mano Bay on Sado Island.

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Kokubun-ji Temple

This Kokubun-ji Temple is located in the Kokubunji district of Sado Island, close to Mano Bay.

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Mano Goryo

Mano Goryo is the site of 13th century emperor Juntoku's funeral pyre.

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Myosen-ji Temple

This Buddhist temple on Sado island is the only one here that features a five-storey pagoda (Goju no To).

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Seson-ji Temple

Seson-ji is an old buddhist temple on Sado Island, close to Myosen-ji Temple.

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Daizen Jinja Shrine

Daizen Jinja is a Shinto shrine on Sado island close to the temples Seson-ji and Myosen-ji.

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Owaraji (Kuratani's Big Straw Sandals)

The Owaraji of Kuratani are giant's sandals, which are hung at both ends of the town for protection every year in early spring.

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Sado Gold Mine

The historic site of the Sado Gold Mine is located on the western coast of Sado island.

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Oma Port

This historic port lies on the western coast of Sado Island, north of Mano Bay.

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Kitazawa Flotation Processing Plant

The historic site of the Kitazawa Floatation Processing Plant is located close to the western coast of Sado Island.

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Kyomachi Tea House

Kyomachi Tea House is a tea room and meeting space close to the Aikawa Kyomachi district of Sado.