Article by Elise Meng

The Koji Kraze you need to get on board with

One major health trend coming out of Japan that we can get on board with is mold– specifically, we’re loving a rice mold called Koji. Already a favorite ingredient to some of the world’s leading chefs like David Chang, René Redzepi, and Jonathon Sawyer, Koji is the old-but-new ingredient to spice up your cooking processes.

Article by Elise Meng

Kick off your OIta Experience!

With the countdown to the Rugby World Cup 2020 inching nearer and nearer, the small city of Oita is secretly packing some heat among its narrow streets. Now, at Tokyo Creative, we already have a wide range of favorite places in Oita already (see here or here), but since this was our first time doing a mini-team trip, we’re excited to add more to our list of favorite places to recommend.

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10 Things to do in Oita City

A true hidden gem of a city located on Japan's southern Kyushu Island, let us show you some of our favorite things it has to offer!

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Known for its onsens and seafood, Oita has become a popular travel destination in Japan, especially for those wanting to take a break and relax. With the many different onsens you can stumble upon in Oita, we thought it might be easier to explain our favorites that we recently visited and tell you what makes them stand out from the rest.

Article by Daniel L. Jenwei

Our Top 5 Instagrammable Sights in Oita Japan

Check out our selection of some popular, and some less well-known sights in Japan's hot spring capital prefecture that make for some great photos!

Article by Daniel L. Jenwei

The Ultimate Glamping Experience in Oita at the Satonotabi Resort Lodge Kiyokawa

If you love the idea of camping but don’t want to forgo the comforts of home then the glamping experience at Satonotabi Resort Lodge Kiyokawa is for you. We recently had the fortune of heading out to Bungo-ōno city in Oita prefecture where we got to experience the ultimate glamping experience without breaking the bank.

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Exploring the Abandoned Island in Oita Japan

Join us on our exploration where we got exclusive access on an abandoned island in Oita Japan!

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Straight Out of a Ghibli Movie, Why Yunohira Onsen, a Tucked Away Onsen Town Is a Must Visit While in Oita Japan

Escape to an onsen town that's right out of the Ghibli movie, Spirited Away.

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3 Reasons Why Usa Shrine Draws Over 1.5 Million Yearly Visitors to Oita Japan

Looking to take in the architectural beauty of Japan? Then head to the sprawling grounds of Usa shrine, also known as the head shrine to more than 40,000 shrines across Japan.

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Tattoo? No Problem! Our Top 3 Picks of Unique Tattoo Friendly Onsens in Oita Japan ♨️

Sharing with you our top three unique tattoo friendly onsens in the onsen capital of Oita, Beppu city! ♨️

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Why Oita Should Be On Your Next Itinerary To Japan

 Tucked away on the eastern coast of Kyushu island, Oita Prefecture has many attractions suitable for all types of tourists. While the average visitor may only

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Oita in Focus: Scenic View of Heaven, Sea, and Earth (Mt. Tsurumi Ropeway in Late Autumn)

Kyushu is known for the mountains and volcanoes found in the area. Among of which is Mt. Tsurumi (lava domes) found in Oita Prefecture. Usually, people travel t

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Oita Food Guide

Seafood lovers will have lots to try in Oita Prefecture. When in Oita, you must try the Seki AJi and Seki Saba (the Seki horse mackerel and Seki mackerel) caugh

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Oita Access Guide

BY AIROita Airport is connected to major cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kagoshima and Okinawa. From the airport you can take airport shuttles to Oita Stat

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Oita 3-day-tour Itinerary

Day 1From Oita City, head to Mt Aso, an active volcano with one of the world’s largest calderas. The surrounding also evoke a dramatic landscape. Take the Mt As

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The Best Time To Visit Oita

The cooling months of spring or autumn are probably the best to enjoy Oita Prefecture as the weather is fine for trekking around its abundant nature, and you ca

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Oita For The First Time

On the east coast of Kyushu Prefecture which lies to the south of Japan, Oita Prefecture is most famous for its hot spring resorts, in particular Beppu and Yufu