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Kerama Islands (Zamami, Tokashiki, Akajima)

About Kerama Islands (Zamami, Tokashiki, Akajima)

The Kerama Islands are a group of over 20 small islands, located 35 kilometers west of Okinawa. The main islands are Tokashiki Island, Zamami Island and Aka Island. The Kerama Blue ocean features water so clear that visibility is about 50 meters. This provides the ideal site for scuba diving. Humpback whales migrate through the Kerama waters between January and April every year. You can jump on a boat tour to spot them up close. Take a 30-minute ferry ride to Tokashiki Island, the closest island to Okinawa. The island is home to the two most famous beaches – Aharen beach and Tokashiku beach. Their crystal green, clear waters are perfect for diving-lovers. Otherwise, talk a long walk down the beach in the sunshine. Zamami Island is in the middle of the islands, and is surrounded by wonderful coral reefs which are also suitable for diving. Between January and March, whale watching tours are available. Recommended beaches include Ama beach and Zamami beach – both with beautiful turquoise waters you can’t resist. Hikers can trek up to Gaoshan observatory for stunning views. In terms of accommodation, you can camp, rent a house or a room. Aka Island is the western-most island and is a one-hour ferry ride away from Naha port. It is the perfect destination for a day-trip. Nishihama Bech is surrounded by coral reefs. It is the perfect place to go diving or rowing. The island is the home of romance, as the movie ‘Marilyn ni aitai’ was filmed here!

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