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About Manza

Cape Manzamo, located on the western coast, is one of the best scenic attractions on the Okinawa Islands. Visitors can indulge in the love story of the movie ‘Okinawa Rendezvous’. Cape Manzamo is on a cliff, in the Okinawa National Park. Even the name, Manzamo is interesting. ‘Manza’ means a place for 10,000 people to sit and ‘mo’ means grass field. The cliff of Cape Manzamo looks like an elephant’s trunk and is a famous postcard shot. The coral reefs below the cliff are breathtaking. The waves bash so viciously against the cliff that visitors are often astonished by the crashing sounds. It is worth the trip despite the 2-hour bus ride. However, the isolation means that Cape Manzamo has remained a peaceful place. The InterContinental ANA Manza Beach Resort is visible from the Cape. The resort resembles a huge ship, anchored in the bay. The Aqualuce Chapel, decorated with pure white shells, is the ideal wedding palace for couples. Imagine exchanging rings and vows, in this beautiful church, overlooking the bright blue sea! If you fancy a bite, there are local diners scattered about. There are also diving stores and convenience stores. If possible, make your trip an over-night stay so you have time to enjoy the sunshine and sea breeze.

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Cape Manzamo

Manzamo is a coral reef cliff on the Western coast of Okinawa and a popular scenic lookout.