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2025 Osaka World Expo Announced

Osaka has taken first place in winning the rights to host the 2025 World Expo in Paris on Friday, successfully beating out Russia in the bid. Upon announcement, national celebration erupted, with many excited to show the world more of what Japan has to offer!

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The most photogenic smoothies in Japan

Being a generation of Instagrammers and social media addicts, it’s only natural that we are attracted to photogenic foods and drinks. Japan has mastered the art

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Totti Candy - Amerika Mura

Totti CandyI went to Amerika Mura during my trip to Japan earlier this year!I went especially because I wanted to try the Cotton Candy and other sweet goods fr

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How to Enjoy the Best of Osaka in 2 Days

Osaka is the second largest metropolitan area in Japan and this city has been known as the ‘The Kitchen of The Nation’. According to the latest population surve

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Kishiwada Port Festival (Kishiwada Minato Matsuri)

Other than being extremely HOTTTTT during the summer in Japan, one other special thing during summer in Japan would be the SUMMER FESTIVALS!!! Summer festival,

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Scary Halloween Time at the Universal Studios Japan

Halloween is a big topic in Japan. Not originally coming from there, they adapted a lot of traditions and starting from September you can find everything you ne

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[Osaka] Let you play and travel in Universal Studios easily and delightedly 

     Hasn't you get some problems when you're friend or kids wanted to go to some theme park? This post can solve all this problems.     If you want to go to so

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Ride a Really Old Tram (Japan's Chin Chin Densha)

Japan is so often known for its cutting-edge technology, for its robots and Shinkansen (bullet-trains). I think almost anyone who has spent even a little time t

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A Fun Time with the Osaka Amazing Pass

Osaka is one of the most popular places in Japan to be visited by foreign tourists next to Tokyo and Kyoto. There are many things to see and to do – and there i

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Osaka Food Guide

Osaka is famous as the place to go to “eat till you drop” - or literally “kuidaore” in Japanese. In the Edo era it was also known as being the “kitchen” of Japa

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Where's the Highest Ferris Wheel?

Do you know that Japan is Ferris Wheel fans' paradise? Among many, the highest one, of which height is 123 meters high, is located at Osaka Expocity in Osaka, w

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Spring In Japan

IntroductionPerhaps the most popular time for visitors, spring in Japan is a time of beauty and memory making. The weather is usually breezy and pleasant, usher

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Let's go to Orbi Osaka (Expocity)!

Introductionオービィ大阪は、英国放送協会(BBC)が世界各地で撮影したジャングルや火山、野生動物などの映像を、セガ(SEGA)の技術でプロデュースする自然体感型エンターテインメント施設です。Articles[theme contents] [type=grid]

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The First Impression of Osaka

As the second largest city in Japan, Osaka is often compared to the capital city Tokyo—both popular travelling destinations in Japan. Despite some similarities,

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Osaka 4-day-tour Itinerary

#Day1#The focus on your first day should be Osaka Castle Park and Umeda. Located in the downtown area, Osaka Castle Park is easily accessible and is close to ot

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The Best Time to Travel to Osaka

Osaka has four distinctive seasons, all of which are suitable for traveling all throughout the year. Spring and autumn, however, are the peak seasons. In s

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Explore Expocity & Japan's Biggest Ferris Wheel

A symbol of the 1970 World Expo held in Osaka, artist Taro Okamoto's Tower of the Sun stands tall, arms outstretched, looking out at all around him. Soon, this

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Osaka Record Shopping -- the Inside Track

I buy and sell records. Record selling is my profession and my obsession. This obsession has taken me to many countries. I've had lots of great moments (and fin