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About Shinsaibashi

If you love shopping, be sure to stay near Shinsaibashi. It is the one-stop to satisfy your shopping and dining needs. There are large department stores, specialty shops and a variety of small shops. The stone pavements are always crowded with people. Even if you are not a fan of shopping, this bustling business district is still worth a visit. In the west side of Shinsaibashi is an American village, which is known as "Osaka’s Harajuku". The graffiti walls add urban character. American and European styles of clothing are available. There are also different kinds of ancient shops and second-hand shops for luxury goods. You can spend a whole day here, experiencing the vitality of life in Osaka. Midosuji, which passes through the middle of Shinsaibashi, is the main road. It connects the Shinsaibashi downtown area of Umeda to Namba in the south. The Midosuji Parade is held here every autumn. It is a gorgeous and colorful event, with military bands from all over the world participating.

Sights in Shinsaibashi

Sight in Osaka

Saturdays Surf NYC (Osaka)

Saturdays Surf NYC has a cafe on the first floor, and clothing, shoes and accessories on the second floor.

Sight in Osaka

LiLo Coffee Roasters

LiLo Coffee Roasters is a small coffee shop with a great variety of beans from all over the world.

Sight in Osaka

Mondial Kaffee 328

Mondial Kaffee 328 is a stylish coffee shop located near Yotsubashi station.

Sight in Osaka

Japan Tate-do Association

The Japan Tate-do Association holds lessons in "Tate", the art of sword-fighting, while teaching moral principles of discipline, "Do". Reservation required.

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Shinsaibashi Station

Shinsaibashi Station is located close to many department stores, high-end boutiques and brand shops.

Sight in Osaka

MU Higashi Shinsaibashi Gallery